I have FSGS and have tried prednisone, cyclosporine and cellcept but spilling 8g of protein a day. Are there other treatments or medications?

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a scarring disease of the kidney that is relatively uncommon. The treatments that you mention are commonly tried for this disease but FSGS can be very resistant to treatment. ACE-inhibitors or ARB agents are usually the first drugs used for this disease. These drugs are used to help decrease the protein loss from the kidney. There are many other drugs that are occasionally used but, again, this disease can be very difficult to treat. Statins or other lipid lowering drugs are often used. Cyclophosphamide, Rituximab, ACTH and plasmapheresis are rarely used to treat specific forms of the disease. There are at least six different ways to classify FSGS and each type has a unique prognosis. I can only suggest that you continue to consult with your nephrologist and follow his or her advice.

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