Dear Sir, I read your post “Let’s Drink to Kidney Health (Literally)!” In Huffpost. Thank you for this valuable post. I am from Almora, India. I want to ask a general problem of uric acid which is now very common here in my town. My father and elder brother have uric acid problem. This problem is among so many people I know. The temperature of my place is around 20-25 in summer and -2 – 5 in winters. How this problem can be controlled or cured with food and exercises? Which food should be included and which should be excluded? I will share to every needy person so that they can get benefit out of it. :) Thank you

Uric acid problems can consist of acute and chronic gouty arthritis in the joints (especially in the feet and ankles). Uric acid can also cause kidney stones and can cause chronic damage to the kidneys in the form of gouty nephropathy. The condition is usually brought on by a genetic predisposition. This means that you inherit it from your parents. Diets are not particularly effective because the purines in the diet are present in so many foods. You should especially avoid high calorie diets including simple sugars and avoid fructose corn syrup in any food. Shell fish and processed meats are also very high in purines. I recommend a DASH diet as the best diet to follow. You can review the DASH diet at:

It is also very important to drink just plain water and avoid sodas and soft drinks. This will help to avoid the complications of gout and uric acid. In many cases, treatment with drugs may be necessary in order to stop gouty attacks.

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