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I always have low GFR (as low as 45) and elevated creatinine with fasting labs, but normal GFR and creatinine if non-fasting. Thoughts as to why this is? I’m still waiting for an explanation from my physician. Nml renal US, chronic HTN, not always well controlled. Thank you.

I do not know of any reason why kidney function testing should be different between fasting and non-fasting specimens. These tests should not be affected by whether or not you have anything to eat or drink.

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Hypoglycemia is quite common in patients on dialysis. If a patient does not have diabetes and suffers from severe hypoglycemia off and on. Would adding glucose to dialysate help avoid it?

Most dialysis solutions (dialysate) contains glucose. Concentrations vary but the most common concentration is 100 milligrams per deciliter (md/dl). It is true that low sugars are occasionally seen on dialysis but we do already keep glucose in the dialysate.

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Is there a link between Kidney Disease, high prolactin, and urinary urgency/frequency?

Elevated prolactin levels are commonly seen in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). As kidney disease progresses, more frequent urination is commonly seen because the kidneys can no longer concentrate urine as efficiently as they did when they had better … Continue reading

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I donated a kidney to my friend in 2010 (living unrelated) and she’s still doing great. What are the general statistics for how many years a donated kidney might last from a non related donor vs. related donor? Thank you.

The United States Renal Data System (USRDS) does not break out living unrelated versus living related kidney donors in graft survival. According to the most recent data we have, all living donor kidney transplantation is associated with a 10 year … Continue reading

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My husband is 51 yrs and was in the hospital July for acute renal failure. He was also diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. He was told he has a small kidney stone on his left side but his right side hurts him and he pees blood.

Blood in the urine is never a normal finding. I am not able to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. I suggest that the first thing your husband must do is have a history and … Continue reading

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Sir. My mother is a kidney patient since one year. Recent reports shows the record as UREA (SERUM/GLDH) 141.1, Creatinine 5.13, Blood percentage 7.5. She is unable to eat well and frequently she is getting fever. What are precautions we have to take? What food we need to give her? How to improve blood? Thank you.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide. Your mother would appear to have advanced kidney disease. Her symptoms appear to be consistent with the advanced kidney disease. I would suggest that your … Continue reading

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Hi, I am a 47 year old w/m with stage 3 PKD. I have an appointment with my nephrologist in two weeks but I am having problems urinating. Only a little at a time and I have to strain and wait for that. Urine has strong ammonia like smell. When I do urinate, I feel like I still need to go. Your opinion please and should I go in immediately. Thanks you.

The symptoms that you describe are more consistent with bladder or prostate disease. I suggest you contact your primary care physician (PCP) for an examination.

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There has been recent studies proving that air pollution can cause Chronic Kidney Disease. It is my understanding that exposure to PM 2.5 overtime can damage the kidneys leading to CKD. But can air pollution also cause Acute kidney failure?

I have not seen any reports of air pollution that has been implicated in a case of acute kidney injury. I recently reviewed the subject of environmental associated kidney disease on our web site. You can review that blog post … Continue reading

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My brother is in hospital with low functioning kidneys at 25%. He has no other symptoms apart from a bit of back pain and nausea. Cat scan and ultra sound both clear. Could this be kidney stones that are too small to show on the scan?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. Even small kidney stones should show up on a computerized tomogram (CT) scan.

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I have looked up many things but cannot find the percentage the kidneys work. Is it 100% at birth and does it decrease slowly over time? I need something to compare 40% at age 70 with diabetes and high blood pressure. I know it’s not a good number but want to compare it with a normal percentage of a normal healthy person of 70. Thank you.

Kidney function increases throughout childhood and teenage years, levels off between 20 and 40 years of age and then declines by about 1% per year beyond age 40. Hence, at age 70, one would expect kidney function as estimated by … Continue reading

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