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I had NS 3 years old and relapse again at age of 20 years (during the relapse a biopsy was performed and MCD is confirmed). I was treated with prednisolone. Now I am 26 years. In six months 3 relapses continuously occur. l take MMF and Wysolone 10 mg alternate day two week. My urine albumin is faint trace. 1. Is remission is occur? 2. What are the after effects?

The clinical course that you describe is of relapsing nephrotic syndrome (NS). Your biopsy indicates that this is caused by Minimal Change Disease (MCD). If your urine protein (albumin) is undetectable, then it would appear that you are in a … Continue reading

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I am 63, female. I have single kidney for 20 years (other fibrosed due to obstructive nephropathy). I am sufferer of chronic pyelonephritis for 5 years and DJ stent placement for 10 years. Despite all the medications, my creatinine is rising. It was 1.01 3 years ago, now it’s 1.4. My current meds are Valsartan, Amlodipine and Hydrochlorothiazide, and off and on Septra. I take half a tablet of 80mg of valsartan. I just want to NOT let my creatinine drop any further. Please give me suggestions how to avoid it. Really worried.

I recommend that you have your blood pressure checked and make sure that it is less than 130/80. You should not smoke. You should eat a healthy diet and maintain a healthy body weight. You should see your physician at … Continue reading

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My 88 year old father suffers from CKD with eGFR of 30-35 which has remained steady for 4 yrs. Otherwise, besides high blood pressure, he is in good health. His kidney specialist (just retired) used 3 BP meds to keep the BP well managed. Namely Diovan, Monopril and 5 mg of Norvasc. My father was hospitalized for elective surgery and the Doctor in charge discontinued the first 2 medications while increasing the Norvasc to 10 mgs. He claimed that Calcium channel blockers are more efficient at regulating BP and BP measurements in the weeks following his release have proved him right. However I was under the impression that ARB and ACE drugs had their use in CKD irrespective of BP use. Please give us your input because as mentioned our kidney specialist is not available. If I can get the Doctor to reintroduce one med, would either the ARB or ACE class of drug be preferable?

It is true that either an ACE-inhibitor or an ARB agent is used to treat and slow the progress of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Currently, the use of both an ACE-inhibitor and an ARB agent is not a recommended treatment … Continue reading

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