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Why is there no urine output in dialysis and why do some patients get ascites?

Many but not all patients on dialysis still make some urine. They will generally make urine once or more per day. Those that still have urine output have a better time with fluid retention between dialysis treatments. Since they make … Continue reading

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I have one kidney as the other was removed after I had renal cancer. My one kidney functions well but my question is can I have Lipo slimming treatment without harming my kidney?

I am not familiar with the use of “Lipo slimming treatment”. I do not know what that involves. Hence, I suggest that you visit with your physician about your plans.

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Hello: I would like to get your opinion on a 35 y.o. male whose recent CMP showed a MDRD GFR for non-African Americans of 59. Serum creatinine of 1.38. No proteins in urine. Chronic fatigue. Long-standing history of right upper quadrant and right flank distention feeling. CT abdomen negative. Small simple cysts seen on left kidney. Abdominal US negative. The lab results are new with no prior history. Hypertensive. Non-smoker. No family history of kidney disease. Repeat CMP is scheduled for eval. Question I have is even if repeat GFR is 61, for example, this is still well below the average of 100-110 for this age group. I know age-calibrated GFR is not a consensus guideline, but there are recommendations that a GFR below 75 for people under 40 should be diagnosed as CKD assuming present >3 months. Again, the concern here is the current GFR is well below average for a 35 y.o. Appreciate your thoughts. Kind Regards.

Unfortunately our Staging system suffers from being able to differentiate patients with near normal kidney function and abnormal kidney function. The serum creatinine can vary by 0.1 to 0.2 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) from day to day. At a very … Continue reading

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I have stage 3A but close to stage 3B CKD. Is the dye used in an echo-cardiogram safe for me? I have heart failure and mild diabetes in which I take 1500g of Metformin a day. I’m not sure if I should refuse the dye for this test.

The contrast agent used in most echocardiograms is a saline infusion. The air bubbles in this saline are used to track the movement of blood through the heart. This is safe for anyone with kidney disease.

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Would a person suffering with pulmonary hypertension still be eligible for a kidney transplant?

That is a difficult question to answer. Each kidney transplant center determines who will and who will not be eligible for a kidney transplant. There are no nation wide criteria that are used. Pulmonary hypertension can be caused by many … Continue reading

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I have a lifetime history of kidney and urinary tract “issues”; which lead to a partial nephrectomy, removing the upper pole of my left kidney about ten years ago. I lived pretty much problem free until 2014. I now have nephrocalcinosis in both my left and right kidneys. I have some simple cysts in my right kidney, which I realize are not a cause for concern. However, I also have a complex cyst/lesion (I have had it described to me as both) on my partial left kidney. It does have calcifications, wall thickening, and separations. In the last two months, my kidney/flank pain has gotten increasingly worse. Almost unbearable, at times. It also feels as though I have a uti, but the culture grew nothing. My urine did show large hemoglobin. The blood has since cleared, but all other symptoms persist. Any ideas?

The problem that you pose is a urological problem. I am a nephrologist and do not have any expertise in evaluation or treatment of complex cysts. The complex cystic change could be the result of your prior surgery, but this … Continue reading

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