Good morning sir, I am a Viet Nam veteran with diabetes due to agent orange. Two years ago, I acquired a kidney problem. My physician has pretty much brought it under control. It had returned a year later but we again were able to control it with Prednisone. I have attempted to file a claim with the Veterans Administration for my kidney problem. They refused my claim and told me to find some proof that agent orange can cause this kidney problem. I know that diabetes can cause kidney problems. Would you know of ANY study showing any cause by agent orange with kidney problems? Can you direct me to someone that would be familiar with this issue? I could sure use some assistance. Thank you. I was told that the Louisianna Veterans Administration has a study that shows a correlation between Agent Orange and kidney problems, but I am unable to find this information.

I am unaware of any study linking Agent Orange to kidney disease. The Veterans Administration has studied this issue extensively and has recognized certain illnesses that they can link to exposure to Agent Orange. Diabetes has been linked to exposure to Agent Orange. You can review a list of the diseases linked to Agent Orange at the VA web site:

You are correct that diabetes is clearly linked to chronic kidney disease (CKD). I am unable to offer you any information about a direct link for Agent Orange and CKD.

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