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Hi Dr. Spry, I have PKD and have lots of calcifications in both kidneys. Frequently they break off and pass, and this seems to cause bladder and kidney infections. Is lithotripsy recommended for PKD patients? I do have a very good doctor. Thank you!

I am a nephrologist and I do not have any expertise in lithotripsy. A urologist is a surgeon has expertise in lithotripsy and kidney stone disease. I do not believe that lithotripsy is advised in polycystic kidney disease but I … Continue reading

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Dear Doctor 45 yrs old, Female. Recently went for blood tests and very concerned with the results; especially those in RED. May you please check the test results and advise me if I have any kidney issue/disease? Thanking you in advance and looking forward to your advice.

I did review your laboratory results on line, however, I am unable to make any specific diagnosis without performing a complete history and physical examination. The abnormal laboratory results that are noted here include an elevated blood chloride level, which … Continue reading

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