Hi. I am 31 F. I have been feeling rotten recent month. Then had an infection so had my bloods done. They showed an iron deficiency, anemia as well as infection. My Hgb was 10.3 ferritin 6.9. I have been taking oral iron before this too. My creatinine was 1.61, Ur 11.7, eGFR 40. Thinking is likely to be IgA nephopathy. They thought would be periods, although mine are light and short. Last had check, last year my Hgb was 13.5. Do you think it is relevant to the kidney check and what options are there to improve the anemia? Thanks.

Kidney disease and anemia commonly occur together. The kidney is responsible for making a hormone known as erythropoietin. This hormone helps to make red blood cells. In patients with acute or chronic kidney disease, anemia is very common.

It is not possible to establish a diagnosis of IgA nephropathy without performing a kidney biopsy. I suspect you need further testing in order to make a proper diagnosis of both your anemia and your kidney disease.

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