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Could her renal failure be the underlying cause of the sudden memory loss?? Approximately 6 weeks ago, my 85-year-old Mother lost her (mostly) short-term memory. It was sudden and severe. Tests did not show a UTI but they treated her with low level antibiotics “just in case” – CT Scans and MRI’s are clear, lungs are clear. She has hypertension, high blood pressure, neuropathy, and has been on oxygen 24/7 since February. Until this time, she never had a single issue with memory. In 2004, she had a blood clot go to her kidney causing renal failure and has less than half (maybe ¼) of one kidney. She had one dialysis treatment in 2004 and has not had to have any more. Could her kidney failure be the underlying cause of the memory loss?? There are so many doctor’s involved that no one seems to be able to get on board with a solid answer or consensus. My understanding is that if it were due to a UTI, the memory would return (at least a little) as the antibiotics began to clear up the infection but this has not happened. Can you help me? Perhaps point me in the direction of the right specialist (her PCP, her nephrologist, her heart doctor?????) Besides the memory loss, she has not had any other physical symptoms that have developed in the last 3 months. A lung infection this summer has completely cleared after a (half) round of prednisone (which she forgot to keep taking but had enough to wipe it out, apparently). Mentally, until 6 weeks ago, she played Bridge 3-4 times a week, was president of the residential Independent Living Council (10 years), was in a book club, read at least one book per week for fun, played Mahjong, was very active in her facility, very structured and almost rigid in her routines. Now, she cannot remember where she is (in a rehab facility) and cannot remember why she is in there or what happened 30 minutes ago, or, 10 minutes ago sometimes. Thank you for any help you can offer.

I have not seen this sudden of memory loss be related to kidney disease. From your description, this seems like a very sudden and unexpected event. This might be described as acute delirium. Your mother has a number of very … Continue reading

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I am almost 90 yrs old and have had CKD for many years. My gfr is down to 14 but in one yr has gone back and forth between 18 and 14. What makes the difference in those numbers that I can control?

The results that you mention for the variability of your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) are within the range of variation for the test. This variability is very normal and does not mean that your kidney function is that much … Continue reading

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How serious is chronic kidney disease stage 3? What are some symptoms that I may have? I have some swelling and am taking Amiloride 5mg twice a day. Is that OK to take?

Most patients who have Stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD) do not have any symptoms at all. That is why the disease is difficult to recognize. Amiloride is a diuretic (water pill) that can cause high blood potassium levels in … Continue reading

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I have had high creatine levels for three months and low GFR levels between 41 and 51 for 3 months in a row. Also have had urine testing which is negative. I do not have an appointment with my PCP until January at which time he will explain what to do next. I feel that he’s very unconcerned about these numbers. I am 68, have diabetes, lung disease and an immune deficiency which I do 3 IGg infusions a week. I am quite concerned. Should I be?

You may have early Stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD) based on the level of you estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). Diabetes is a very common cause of CKD. I suggest that you wait and consult with your primary care … Continue reading

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Hello? I live in Pakistan, and I hope you will be fine and happy. Sir, I have a problem of kidney stone in my renal pelvis left side that size is 13 mm and I am very worried. What do I do for the stone to get out to my kidney?

Kidney stones should be evaluated by a urologist. I am a nephrologist and do not perform surgery. A urologist should evaluate the stone and determine the best course of treatment. I suggest you consult with a urologist.

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Greetings, My eldest daughter was born on 12th November, 2017. She was healthy and developmentally normal till 7 months of age when she developed diarrhea that rapidly progressed to acute kidney failure. Ultrasound at this stage showed nephrocalcinosis, and so her condition progressed to chronic kidney disease. She passed away on 10th November, 2018, before we could get her genetic testing done to find out the underlying metabolic cause of nephrocalcinosis. I’m pregnant again, and we want to know which blood, urine and radiological tests need to be done for this baby in order to find out the metabolic disorder (if any, God forbid) that can later on cause nephrocalcinosis? And how soon should these tests be carried out after birth? Looking forward to your response.

I am an adult nephrologist and do not see infants or children. I am unaware of any blood or urine tests that can diagnose Nephrocalcinosis in an infant or fetus. I would suggest that you consult with a geneticist or … Continue reading

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