I have type 1 kidney cancer in my remaining kidney. The cancer doctor claims Chemo or Radiation can not be used to fight it and they want to remove my kidney which would require dialysis. I’m an 83 yr.old, strong and in otherwise excellent health. Are there no other options to save my kidney?

I am not familiar with “Type 1 Kidney Cancer”. If this is your only remaining kidney, you may have to discuss this with an oncologist and a nephrologist. You may need to look at your life expectancy with kidney cancer in your remaining kidney versus life expectancy for you on dialysis. Once you have an estimate of life expectancy for each of these options, you may be able to decide if you want to live the rest of your life with a growing kidney cancer versus the rest of your life with dialysis treatments. In some cases, urologists have been able to shrink the size of the cancer by freezing it or partially removing the cancer to allow more time, but this is an option you would have to discuss with your urologist.

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