Hello Doctor, I am CKD stage 4 patient with GFR 25 and will be going to start transplant process soon. I just wanted to know if there are any stem cell clinical trials happening that would help with the transplant or if stem cells have been used on kidney disease patients (humans) as of Dec 2018. Hoping to hear back from you soon. Thanks. Regards.

There are limited trials of the use of a number of different types of stem cells in kidney transplantation. You can review those trials at the web site known as:  www.clinicaltrials.gov

I typed in kidney transplantation and stem cells and found more than 30 trials that have been or are being conducted. You can review those trials at: https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?cond=Kidney+transplantation&term=Stem+Cells&cntry=US&state=&city=&dist= So far, there are no FDA approved treatments with stem cells available in the United States today.

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