Hi my daughter is 3 she has had kidney hydrophonosis in her left kidney since I was 24 weeks pregnant. It was diagnosed as a common problem and she was put on trimethoprim from the day of birth. I was told every appointment it would go away; as she grew it never did. 4 weeks ago the consultant said to take her off her long term medication because the kidney swelling has been static for most of the 3 years and she has never had a urinary issue ever. When she came off she developed her first kidney infection 2 weeks after being taken off the antibiotics, this was her first ever urinary issue. She was put on co-amoxiclov for 3 days which clears it up within 3 days. She had another infection. She was then put on trimethoprim a higher dose for 3 days which hasn’t cleared the infection. She is in pain and has the doctors again tomorrow. Her urine has been consistently full of blood, protein, nitrates and leukocytes. I have been updating the consultant on how she is doing and that she is now suffering from repeated infections to which he states she needs consecutive infection to move onto any other plan of action. He will give me no answer as to when I have to let this continue to, she is ill and they won’t listen to me. Could you please give me an idea of what to do from here? And what might need to be done now? I’m so, so sorry this is so long but it’s so hard to watch her like this and have no help. Thank you.

I am an adult nephrologist and I have no expertise in the treatment of childhood urological illnesses. The problem that you describe is a urological disease and must be evaluated and treated by a urologist. I recommend that you consult with a pediatric urologist about your daughter’s illness. It also may be very important to culture your daughter’s urine to make sure the exact bacteria causing the infection is known and also to test the bacteria for sensitivity to antibiotics so that the appropriate antibiotic can be administered.

For more information about childhood hydronephrosis, please visit our website at: https://www.kidney.org/atoz/content/hydronephrosis-child

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