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I have medullary sponge kidneys. Two big surgeries, cystoscopes, lithotripsies. I have pain when the stones are in the kidneys, none in ureter or urethras. Thanks.

Medullary Sponge Kidney can be associated with a deficiency of citrate production by the kidney. You should be evaluated by a nephrologist and have 24 hour urine testing to see if there are possible treatments for your kidney stone disease. … Continue reading

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My kidneys works at only 23%. Does the magnetic healer work for me?

The kidneys will not benefit from any magnetic healer.

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Hello, I am a recent kidney transplant recipient. Can you tell me if hibiscus tea is harmful to transplant medication? Thank you.

Unfortunately, there is no studies that have looked at transplant patients who have taken hibiscus tea and compared them with transplant patients who have not taken hibiscus tea. It is my feeling that if this is used in small daily … Continue reading

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