I am contacting you on behalf of my daughter. She is 23 and has had chronic kidney infections since 6 Mos old. We have done vcug’s which initially showed reflux, but when the last one was done at 9 showed little to no reflux. She even tried prophalytic antibiotic treatment. That worked for a while. Finally at 17 she begged to stop looking for an answer. I relented but now she’s 23 and just let me know the problems are starting again. In November she was put on an antibiotic and it initially worked but as soon as she stopped taking them she had symptoms again. She was in the ER 2 weeks ago and was given an antibiotic infusion. She was then put on po antibiotics and finished those 7 days ago. Today she sent me this: “So about a week off of antibiotics and suddenly have some of the worst flank pain I’ve had. The adventure continues. I started hurting at like 2. When I’m laying down it’s minor pain, but when standing up it’s completely overwhelming.” Do you have any ideas? Anyone you can suggest she see? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

In most situations where bladder or kidney infections fail to clear, there is an anatomical problem with the urinary tracts. This comes under the expertise of a urologist. I am a nephrologist and I have no surgical expertise related to the kidney or urinary tract. Hence, I recommend that your daughter consult with a urologist for further evaluation as to the causes of recurrent urinary tract infections.

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