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Dear Sir, Take my cordial respect. I am from Bangladesh. My mother is suffering acute kidney problems. She is 54 years old. She is also a patient of diabetic for 24 years above and taking insulin two times daily. Urine infection was occurred past days and water comes in her body, especially in her belly now. She has also high blood pressure. Now she is taking drugs as doctor’s suggestion but improvement is not showing. If you want, I can send her drug list. In this situation, I need your suggestion. With best regards.

I am not able to recommend medical treatment without performing a complete history and physical examination. Treatment of the urine infection and monitoring of her kidney function should be performed by the physicians caring for your mother. Further treatment will … Continue reading

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I am 62 year old Type 1 diabetic with Stage 4 CKD. My eGFR is currently 23. I am an amputee and have a hex of CHF, sepsis, ARDS, acute renal injury x’s 3. I was on an ACE inhibitor but was taken off of it by my new nephrologist. From what I have read, an ACEi is standard treatment. Your thoughts?

Drugs such as Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACE-I) and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARB) agents are used to try and preserve kidney function in diabetics with protein in the urine. In your case, your nephrologist may have evaluated the risks or … Continue reading

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I have felt miserable with my dx of CKD Stage 4. I have had every test under the sun. I even see a therapist. My labs are stable considering having had this dx since Oct 2017. It came out of no where. Is there any kind of treatment to help. My biopsies stated that CKD came from Chronic Interstitial Nephritis. Biopsies done one year ago Jan 2018. I have become anemic, high blood pressure and high cholesterol since my dx. Does this chronic illness/disease continue to get worse? I have not seen or heard of any treatments unless my GFR is at 15. Mine is 20 now. I just feel as though I have searching for over a year for something. I cannot take this fatigue, lower back pain, dizziness, feeling faint, nauseau, unable to concentrate and mild confusion to go away. I get there is no cure but there must be something.

At some point, your nephrologist must determine that the symptoms you are relating are potentially treated by dialysis and transplant. You should be eligible to be evaluated for listing on the transplant list once your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) … Continue reading

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Hi~ I am a male, 43, do not drink (never had a problem with any substances). I recently had an attack in my side that lasted for over an hour. I went to a doctor and was misdiagnosed with diverticulitis (no tests were performed to validate even after I inquired) and was prescribed Augmentin. Dosage was one pill every 12 hours. By the third pill I had formed such a severe headache, that I stopped the medication and contacted my doctor. My blood pressure went through the roof (189/115), and after three weeks is still high. My BP before that (130/80) was in the moderate range. I went to the emergency room and the tests the first doctor should have performed, were finally completed. (Blood, Urine, EKG, CT w/contrast). Everything was normal except the CT showed something on my kidney but nothing more. I had an ultrasound yesterday of both kidneys and learned today that I have fibrosis in both kidneys. Would Augmentin cause this fibrosis to happen? Is the scarring reversible? I do not have any other medical conditions that I am aware of at this time. Thank you for your time.

Fibrosis (scarring) of the kidney is not a process that can be accomplished in a couple of days. This process likely takes weeks or months to develop. I am not sure that you can make a diagnosis of “fibrosis” purely … Continue reading

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When performing a radical nephrectomy for stage IV UTUC with lymph node involvement, why would a surgeon ‘Z stich the gonadal vein? Would this typically lead to an inability to ejaculate? Would blocking ejaculation be the motive of this step, to prevent cancer cell migration to the female sex partner?

I am a nephrologist and have no surgical expertise. I have no experience with radical nephrectomy or the surgical stitches that you describe. Your question would have to be addressed to a urologist. I do not believe that cancer can … Continue reading

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Hi Doctor. I am a 56 year old male who works out with weights 3-4 days a week and do not smoke or drink. I have been on a high protein, low carb diet for years. I also took Sudafed for headaches and sinus pressure almost daily for many months which probably did not help my blood pressure. I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and CKD. My last labs in June 2017 showed a 60 GFR. This past December 2018 it was 45. I immediately modified my high protein diet and began taking blood pressure medication as prescribed. (Losartan 25Mg) A week later my blood pressure was normal and GFR increased a point to 46. I am trying to get in to see a nephrologist but he is booked up for a couple weeks. Is it possible through diet and blood pressure control to raise GFR to get me up into a stage 2 or better yet a stage 1 condition? Please let me know? Also is taking the supplement creatinine harmful to kidneys? I had been taking it to build muscle mass but discontinued immediately upon my diagnosis. I still have to take the 24 hour urine test and also to schedule a kidney ultrasound as recommended by my GP. This is scary stuff! I appreciate you answering my questions and hope this diagnosis can be reversed! Thank You! Sincerely.

High blood pressure is the most common cause of kidney disease in the world today, followed by diabetes. Untreated high blood pressure results in damage to the kidney that usually cannot be reversed. Hence, the goal is to avoid further … Continue reading

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