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My brother aged 21 was advised to an ultrasound. Apparently his right kidney measures 6.6 cm and left kidney 10.1 cm. It states that the right kidney is small in size, normal in position and echotexture with no overfilling or calculi. Kindly reply to this?

Your brother has a small right kidney but I cannot tell why this has occurred. His left kidney is also somewhat small in that most men will have at least 11 centimeter (cm) kidney length. The most common reason for … Continue reading

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My lab results for bun /creatinine is 23.3. My HgbA1c is 6.0. My non-HDL is 138, VLDL 21.6, bilrubin direct 0.00, bilrubin total 0.20. Should I be concerned?

The testing that you provide suggests that you have a predisposition to diabetes. I am unable to provide any other diagnosis based on the information that you present. I recommend that you review this information with your physician.

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I’m 66 years old. My Creatinine op is 1.36. My EST GFR is 52. Protein OP total is 9.2 Is this a concern? What are my next steps to correct this? Thank you.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis of kidney disease based on the information that you present. There are many causes of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Treatment requires a specific diagnosis and then attempting to delay the progression of … Continue reading

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My mother, age 70, has poorly controlled diabetes, high blood pressure, and renal disease. She does not follow doctors orders with regards to care management or diet, and never has. Her most recent lab results showed her eGFR has dropped from 20% last year to 9% this year. Her doctor has stated she needs to start dialysis and has recommended a home dialysis machine. She is taking classes to teach her about it, and has a surgical consult scheduled for the port. Given her history of behavior, I don’t expect she will follow instructions for proper care of herself, her port, or the machine. My dad is at home with her, but isn’t much help in trying to enforce doctors instructions, and she’s refused to come stay with me and let me help. Needless to say, I am preparing myself that I don’t have much time left with my mom. My question for you is, what symptoms should I watch for/expect with poorly followed dialysis plans? I know signs of infection (redness at the port, fever). What else should I expect? And at 9% function, if she were to avoid infection, but continues with poor diet choices, etc, how long should I expect to have left with her? A year? Months? I know that dialysis patients that follow all the guidelines can live many years, but given the reality of this situation, can you give me an idea of what to expect? Thank you for your time and expertise.

Unfortunately, we cannot have patients do all of the things we ask them to do. My philosophy has always been to realize that my job is to advise patients of the things I can do to relieve symptoms and perhaps … Continue reading

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I am Stage 3 kidney disease and prone to high potassium. Sometimes I have been taking sodium polystyrene. This med has become unavailable. Druggist says it is coming back, but they still do not have it. My diet is very limited because of this but I still feel scared of a rise in my potassium. Is there any other product to help?

Yes. Veltassa (patiromer) is a new drug available for treatment of chronically elevated potassium in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). It is quite expensive, but is a substitute for sodium polystyrene sulfonate (Kayexalate). This latter drug has been becoming … Continue reading

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Hey. I’m 27yrs old. Is it normal for the right kidney to measure 6.83 cm and left kidney to measure 5.62 cm. My creatinine is 12.1mg, blood urea 272mg and there is albumin in urine. What does this mean? Please reply.

Normal kidneys for a male should be greater than 11 centimeters (cm). Hence, your kidneys are quite small and this suggests that you have very far advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD). You should be consulting with a nephrologist for care … Continue reading

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Hi, I donated my right kidney non-directed in 2010. I get fairly frequent pain in my remaining kidney. Creatinine is 1.31 and steady. Should I be concerned about pain? What could cause it? Recommend ultrasound? Thanks!

Donating a kidney should not cause pain in the remaining kidney. I would suggest an evaluation by your primary care physician (PCP) or by the surgeon who performed the kidney removal for transplantation. Pain in the contralateral kidney would be … Continue reading

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Dear Doctor, my creatinine was 1.03 on 29-09-2018, 0.9 on 27-10-18 and 0.7 on 12-1-19. There was trace for protein in my urine on 12-1-19. The day before I had played volleyball for around 4 hrs. Is it a matter for concern?

I am unable to make any specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. I do not find any evidence of a specific kidney disease. If you have concerns about your health, you should discuss this with your physician.

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Hi, i am 55 Years male. Suffering high fever 103-104 degree, vomiting, weakness, high diabetes, high blood pressure. Urine not clear completely. Creatinine 1.45. Acute kidney infection from UTI. My left kidney GFR value 52 and right kidney GFR only 18. Suffering recurrent UTI since last 10 years. After higher dose of antibiotic, condition improved little bit, but after 1 month UTI repeated continuously for last 5 years. Condition worse day by day. DTPA kidney test result as below for your ref. Right sided pyelonephritis with mild HDN Right kidney: Low height distorted curve. Right kidney split function: 26% Left kidney split function: 74%. % of uptake left kidney 5.90%. % of uptake right kidney 2.03%. Left kidney GFR 52.9 ml/min. Right kidney GFR 18.3 ml/min. Impression right kidney: marked parenchymal impairment. Impression Left kidney: Pelvicalyceal dilatation with no obstruction & normal function. Please advise what to do now? -Ureteroscopy -Dialysis -Others? Thanks!

I recommend that you consult with a urologist to find out why you are having recurrent infections and why your right kidney has been injured. A urologist would be the proper person to consult about your condition. For additional information … Continue reading

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I was put on Sensipar due to increased PTH level. I am not on dialysis. Everything that I read says it is for dialysis patients only. I am now on Calcitriol since starting Sensipar. Why does it say for dialysis patients only?

Cinacalcet (Sensipar) is approved as a drug to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients who are on dialysis, hypercalcemia in patients with a parathyroid cancer, or patients with hypercalcemia in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism who are not candidates for surgical parathyroidectomy. … Continue reading

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