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66 year old male who had nephrectomy in May 2018. Papillary carcinoma. Since been diagnosis with autoimmune IGG4 elevations effecting my lungs, sinus, and pseudotumor left eye. Treated with Steroids. Adult onset asthma since 2015. No smoking hx. Most likely related to IGG4. Exercise was running 2 miles. Limited now but continue to eat healthy and exercise. Questions? It has been suggested I take supplement of Calcium 500mg D3 twice day. What ramifications with my one kidney? Fear of kidney damage and stones.

If you have a history of kidney stones, I generally do not recommend calcium supplementation. However, if you have no history of stones or gravel in the urine, calcium with vitamin D supplementation can be appropriate. I generally recommend between … Continue reading

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The ultrasound said “Right kidney: Measures 9.2 x 3.5 x 3.9 cm. Normal contour. No cysts. Mild right pelviectasis is present. No masses, stones, or frank hydronephrosis identified. Renal cortical thickness appears normal.” I don’t have any back pain or anything. The ultrasound was actually for my intestines but they went ahead and checked all my organs. Everything came back healthy besides this right kidney. I also had blood work done and kidney function was normal. My BUN/Creatinine ratio was 9. I did have a bad UTI infection that kept coming back in 2016. I took an antibiotic that I had an allergic reaction to. When I initially took the antibiotic it took care of the infection but it came back when I stopped because of the allergic reaction. The doctor put me on another antibiotic but I had to take it for a month before the UTI went away. Could that have caused permanent damage? I haven’t had an infection since. I have no pain or anything but I do notice in the last couple years I pee more…especially when drinking water. I’m a 5’7″ male that’s 28 years old. My weight 155lbs.

The ultrasound report suggests that your right kidney is somewhat small. A normal length for a man should be at least 11 centimeters (cm). Your right kidney measures 9.2 cm in length. I am unable to tell you why this … Continue reading

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My eGFR is 66.66. Is it alright?

The normal for an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is greater than 60 milliliters per minute per 1.73 meters squared. Hence, the value you provide appears to be normal.

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