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I had a kidney transplant 5 years ago. I saw a cardiologist today that wants to do a nuclear stress test. I thought radioactive dye was bad after a kidney transplant?

A nuclear cardiac stress test does not have any kidney toxicity and should be safe for a person with a kidney transplant. Iodine containing contrast used for cardiac catheterization can be toxic to the kidney, so if the stress test … Continue reading

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I am a healthy, normal weight, non-diabetic, 31 year old Caucasian female. I have had bloodwork done 3 different times over the course of 2 years and my creatinine is consistently over 1.2 mg/dL and my eGFR is consistently under 60 mL/min/1.73m2. I was recently told the reason could be that I am on the oral contraceptive Ocella, which contains the hormone Drospirenone which has antimineralocorticoid activity and can act as a diuretic. However, the person who told me this, is not a physician. Is it possible for consistent abnormal lab work to be caused by Drospirenone or is that unlikely?

I am not aware of any diuretic activity for drospirenone. Drospirenone is a progestin-like compound and can have some anti-mineralocorticoid activity, but this would cause fluid retention and not diuresis. I am not able to provide any other diagnosis based … Continue reading

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I am 52. Recently told I was stage 5 last week. Total shock. Started dialysis. I notice first week only urinated 1 time a day in the morning. Yesterday three one morning, then evening and late last night, and about 3 in morning. Can your kidney cells improve? Doctor, can I live on dialysis for a long time? I just want someone to be honest. Not sure what to do.

Urine output is not a good measure of kidney function. Hence, your listing of the number of times you pass urine is not reflective of a return of kidney function. Most patients continue to have urine output despite being on … Continue reading

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