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I am 6 months pregnant with severe hydronephrosis in right kidney, and mild in the left, bladder is emptying good, but the PAIN from the right side resembles a kidney stone. ( I’ve had one before). I’ve noticed with working (landscaping, hard manual labor) it seems to hurt worse. My legs and feet have begun to swell, which is causing my severe bunions to become excruciating. I have presented to the OB triage twice and both doctors that were on call have completely dismissed my pain. I want to request to be taken out of work due to this, but how, when I’m being brushed off as a whiny patient?

I have no expertise in obstetrics but the hydronephrosis can be seen in a normal pregnancy but it also could mean obstruction from kidney stones. Kidney stones are more common during pregnancy. I suggest that you consult with your obstetrician … Continue reading

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I have adrenal insufficiency and I have also had my pancreas and spleen removed. That now makes me a type 1 diabetic. I have these spells where I smell ammonia and my muscles become very tight all over. I become very weak. Could this be a problem with my kidneys? No Doctor I have seen can figure it out. I check my blood sugar and it’s usually within range.

I am unable to provide any specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. Adrenal insufficiency can cause muscular weakness because of an elevated blood potassium. You may need to consult with an endocrinologist. I do not recognize this … Continue reading

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Sir, my mom is in ckd stage 4. Now her creatinine is 14.39. How to lower her creatinine without dialysis? She is taking Ketosteril thyronorm 75, nicardia retard 20, and bisoheart as she has high b.p.

Based on the information that you present, I do not see any way to treat your mother without dialysis treatments. I suggest that you and your mother consult with a nephrologist and see if any of the kidney disease is … Continue reading

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