Blood complete count Hemoglobin 14.6, WBC (TLC) 8100, Platelets 327000. DIFFERENTIAL LEUKOCYTES COUNT Neutrophils 70, Lymphocytes 19, Monocytes 07, & Eosinophils 04. Creatinine Test serum creatinine 1.8, Sugar random 255, and HbA1c 10.0. That’s my father’s test report. Kindly review this and tell me what to do? In general, my father has diabetes and little high blood pressure.

Your father appears to have diabetes and kidney disease. I cannot tell if this is chronic kidney disease (CKD) or acute kidney disease based on the information that you provide. I suggest that your father consult with his physician about treatment of his diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease. I also suggest that your father have urine testing for blood, protein and infection. Treatment of his high blood pressure and better treatment of his diabetes will be very important.

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