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Hello Dr.Spry, Minimum, how often should blood creatinine, blood sodium and blood potassium be monitored in stage 3A? Thank you!

For Stage 3A chronic kidney disease (CKD), I currently recommend blood and urine testing at least once per year. Stage 3A means your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) has been between 45 and 59 milliliters per minute per 1.73 meters … Continue reading

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I just found out my partner has increased protein in her urine. She is a diabetic and I was wondering what diet to implement and continue as of now?

A diabetic with protein in her urine should be seen and evaluated by her physician or a nephrologist. This is the first sign of diabetic kidney disease and requires specific treatment. As far as diet is concerned, I recommend a … Continue reading

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I am having a problem with contracted left kidney; if any solution was there? Any prevention and suggestion and avoidable habits?

In most cases, a contracted or shrunken kidney is related to a birth defect. This is not something that can be treated or corrected. You are born with a small or contracted kidney. The main advice I would give is … Continue reading

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