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I recently had a microalbumin creat ratio urine test with a new doctor. The results were creatinine, urine = 74.50 mg/dL, microalbumin, urine random = 3.1 mg/dL and micro alb creat. ratio = 42 mg/g. A simulation test was done in 2010 with the results as follows : micro alb urine random = 0.3 mg/dL and a micro alb creat. ratio = 6 mg/g. I am diabetic with my A1C around 7.1 on average. My A1C during this time period was 12.2 after a prescription change. I asked my doctor about a retest to confirm and he told me again in a year after putting me back on my old original diabetes medication. My question is, should I be concerned about these new numbers? Should I get a second opinion? Do these numbers represent stage 2 kidney disease. My new doctor is young and seems overwhelmed with a new patient overload and I don’t want to offend him by requesting a second opinion or additional tests. I’m just concerned. Thank you.

A normal microalbumin to creatinine ratio is less than 30 milligrams per gram of creatinine (mg/g). Hence, your result that you mention of 42 mg/g is mildly elevated and has increased from the prior result that you mention of 6. … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m a 60 year old woman with CKD IIIa (I only have one kidney); I noticed on my most recent test results that the random urine was 49.06 mg/dl, which is higher than usual. That kind of scared me, although all the other tests look okay. The last random urine was 10; time before that, 27. I have an appt, but am worrying myself to death.

I am not sure what urine test you are inquiring about. If this is a random urine creatinine test, it is of no significance. Random urine creatinine tests are not used to diagnose chronic kidney disease (CKD). In order to … Continue reading

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