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I have received the following test results from a morning urine sample but can seem to understand them. Are you able to explain them and advise what action you recommend I take? Urine creatinine level (XE2qO) 22.6 mmol/L, Urine protein/creatinine ratio (XaEMS) 3.1mg/mmol, Urine protein level (XE2eG) 0.07g/L, Urine albumin level (XE2el).

I cannot interpret these laboratory tests. The urine protein to creatinine ratio that you mention is normal. Normal is less than 3.4 milligrams per millimole (mg/mmol) of creatinine for the albumin to creatinine ratio so this protein to creatinine ratio … Continue reading

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My father has a kidney problem. His serum creatinine is 8.5 and Hemoglobin 9.4, Blood pressure 100/70 and no diabetes. The Bangladeshi Doctor said to go to dialysis but our side, not go to dialysis. So are there any other options? Please tell me sir, and my father is looking like he is completely OK. He doesn’t feel anything. And one year ago his operation and felting tube. Please help me sir?

The information that you present suggests that your father has advanced kidney disease. I am unable to provide a specific diagnosis or treatment without performing a complete history and physical examination on your father.  I suggest that your father see … Continue reading

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Can I use any antibiotic or penicillin with kidney failure? I have 10% kidney function on both sides and have little spots on my body and face and then it turns into sores?

The most commonly used penicillins do not require dosage adjustment with kidney failure. The doses of some antibiotics must be adjusted in patients with kidney failure. Your physician should be aware of your kidney failure and adjust the dose of … Continue reading

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So I have a 23 year old daughter who just recently found out she was born with only one kidney. She found out during an ER visit for a severe kidney infection. I would like to get my hands on information about alcohol use and the effects on your kidney. She is a typical college kid of legal drinking age. Does having one kidney affect her processing & eliminating alcohol?

Alcohol is eliminated from the body by the liver and having one kidney will not alter this elimination. Alcohol can affect the kidney. Alcohol does cause the kidney to increase water elimination and can lead to increased urine output but … Continue reading

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I had some dizziness last month, went to the doctor and she did some blood work. Should I be worried? She has never said anything? Creatinine was 72 & EGFR 99. No diabetes. Monitoring for high blood pressure, however she thinks it’s anxiety. Female, age 27.

The kidney tests that you mention are normal. I do not see any evidence that kidney disease could be contributing to your dizziness.

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I have had CKD for 4 yrs. I am 78 yrs old. My last GFR in Dec was 46. I am having very much trouble sleeping. My doctor gave me Tramadol, which doesn’t help with sleep. She later prescribed Xanax. After a few nights of 3-4 hrs sleep, I will take 1/4 to 1/2 of 100 mg just to get closer to 5-6 hrs, but having read it is not good for kidney. I only take it when I feel desperate for more sleep. I’m not able to take naps very well. Is there anything I can take that won’t harm my kidneys but give me more sleep time. She will prescribe it for me if I can tell her something. She is a GP and doesn’t have much education on kidneys. Everything I know about diet, etc is from educating myself as she said doctors aren’t usually seen until close to 5th stage. Thank you.

Xanax (Alprazolam) is usually given in doses ranging from 0.25 to 2 milligrams (mg) and not in 100 mg doses. Alprazolam can be safely used in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) as long as your physician monitors your use … Continue reading

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I have had stage 3 chronic kidney disease for many years and stay away from NSAIDS. I now have severe pain from spinal stenosis in the lumbar region and need a spinal fusion. I was trying to put it off as long as possible and would like to know if Hemp Oil is safe for my kidneys. By all reports it helps pain and is natural. Please inform me as to what you know about this product and if it is safe for me to use.

I do not know of any studies that have been done with Hemp Oil and patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). I also have not heard of any evidence that Hemp Oil damages kidneys. Hemp Oil has been advocated for … Continue reading

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