I have received the following test results from a morning urine sample but can seem to understand them. Are you able to explain them and advise what action you recommend I take? Urine creatinine level (XE2qO) 22.6 mmol/L, Urine protein/creatinine ratio (XaEMS) 3.1mg/mmol, Urine protein level (XE2eG) 0.07g/L, Urine albumin level (XE2el).

I cannot interpret these laboratory tests. The urine protein to creatinine ratio that you mention is normal. Normal is less than 3.4 milligrams per millimole (mg/mmol) of creatinine for the albumin to creatinine ratio so this protein to creatinine ratio is normal. The rest of the testing I would have to see how the test was done and also be aware of the normals for this particular laboratory. I suggest that you discuss these results with your physician.

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