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Dr. Spry, I was curious as to how long conditions such as diabetes and/or high blood pressure take to develop damage to the kidneys, or to be classified as either in Stage 1 or 2 of CKD. Also, how common is it for a person underage the age of 30 to be diagnosed with CKD from these conditions. A 24 year old male with a history of amphetamine abuse is concerned that they cause blood pressure spikes if he is at risk for CKD in the near future. Just had a GFR test and had a .81 serum creatinine level but no urine test. If you could give us your best insight into this matter that would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much in advance for your input.

Amphetamine abuse (and other forms of drug abuse) can cause chronic kidney disease (CKD) without involving high blood pressure. The high blood pressure can certainly cause CKD and is the most common cause of CKD in the US today. In … Continue reading

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Greetings. My question concerns my wife and trauma she received just over a year ago. On December 17, 2017, she and my son was involved in an automobile accident. A lady talking on cell phone made a U-turn and pulled directly into their path. My son’s foot was injured severely and my wife had tremendous upper chest and abdomen injuries due to seat belt. Both were taken by ambulance and treated at nearby hospital and released. Couple of months later, latter part of February, 2018, my wife began to become ill and was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and treated with antibiotics. After about a week and no improvement, I had to take her to emergency room as she was very sick. Ultra sound and X-rays revealed a kidney stone had blocked ureter and she had become septic. Emergency room doctor made decision to air lift her to a hospital in different state that was better equipped to handle her condition. She spent about 10 days in intensive care. Dismissed from hospital and had to return and was readmitted due to complications from sepsis. This was in early March, 2018. Now, one year later, she is beginning to get back to normal with just a few minor lingering complications, she lost her hair due to stress on her body, it is now growing back, she has a terrible cough due to intubation. Her health insurance has been wonderful with the exception of the air flight. Her insurance says the flight was an out of network provider and we are looking at a bill in the 10’s of thousands of dollars, they started with a $39,000.00 bill for a less than one hour flight. Her health insurance paid $4300.00 on the flight, we are responsible for balance. Now to my question, would and could it be possible for the damage to the kidney and subsequent kidney stone and sepsis be related to the injury from the accident just about two and one half months earlier? Our automobile insurance will pay for the air flight if her condition was or could be related to the automobile accident from December 17, 2017? Thank you so very much in taking time to review my question and concern. Sincerely.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis without performing a complete history and physical examination. It would be best for her primary care physician (PCP) or a physician who cared for her during her illness to render an opinion. … Continue reading

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I am a 24 year old female. I had preeclampsia with both of my pregnancies, and have had multiple kidney infections where my creatinine was elevated to 1.67. In July I had a hysterectomy where my ureter was cut and they didn’t notice and I was closed back up. I went back to the ER 6 days later with hydrophrenosis and had to go into emergency surgery to place a stent, which I had for 6 weeks. My creatinine was 1.7. I have had ongoing kidney pain since my surgeries and my blood pressure has been elevated since November. In September by creatinine was back down to .9. In December I had a renal scan that came back normal. I was recently put on blood pressure medication to lower my high blood pressure because it has been around 145/115 consistently and my creatinine is back up to 1.2. I have an IVP tomorrow. Is it possible that I have CKD and kidney damage that did not come up on a renal scan done the first week of December? How quickly can CKD progress? Do I need to get more blood-work done?

The renal scan is a nuclear scan and is unable to differentiate normal from chronic kidney disease (CKD). The renal scan looks at blood flow to both kidneys and the amount of contrast that is passed from both kidneys. It … Continue reading

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What treatment is given to treat prednisolone induced diabetes? Biopsy report said I had an autoimmune antibody attacking my transplant. My doctor put me on 60mg prednisolone. My blood sugar is 170. Thank you in advance for your response. Regards.

Treatment of an elevated blood sugar (diabetes) as a consequence of steroid (prednisolone) treatment requires monitoring of your blood sugar and consultation with your physician. There are a number of treatments that could be offered but the first thing to … Continue reading

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Sir, I am 23 years old. My urine report is normal, ultrasound is normal. My RFT normal creatinine 0.7, BUN14. My bp is 110/75. Sir, but slow back pain but not regular. Just 1.2 second and out. I told the kidney doctor urologist. He asked me just muscle pain and weakness. Sir, please help me. Am I okay or not?

I do not identify any kidney disease or cause of your back pain based on the information that you present. I suggest further consultation with your primary care physician (PCP). Back pain is an unusual presentation for kidney disease.

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My transplant failed due to side effects of tacrolimus as suggested by biopsy. If I get another transplant, should I switch to alternative? How many transplants are possible for a human, I heard 3 max. Also, is cadaver transplant equally successful and long lasting as living donor transplants. What percentage match is required with donor for at least 10 to 15 yrs of graft survival.

There are other alternatives for immunosuppression. I am not able to make specific recommendations without performing a complete history and physical examination. A living related kidney transplant has a much better chance of long term survival than does a cadaver … Continue reading

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I’m a 50 year old male kidney transplant has shown [operation done back in 2001]. Recent tests has shown creatinine level of 1.5 mg, 39 blood urea and 7.6 of Uric acid. Is there anything worrying in the tests and how is the best way to reduce the level of creatinine? Dosage: 1.4 immuran/24 hrs – 5mg pritnisolon/24 hrs and recently started taking 100mg/day of Zyloric.

I am unable to offer a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. I would need to perform a complete history and physical examination in order to establish a specific diagnosis and recommend treatment alternatives. The information that … Continue reading

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Dear Sir, My mother has a kidney problem (one kidney is enlarged) but she is not at the stage of dialysis. Now we found that she has breast cancer. I need a suggestion. Do we go for chemotherapy or is there any other way? Also, what are the chances of death in this case? I need your assistance in decision making. I’m waiting for your reply.

I am not an expert in cancer therapy. In this instance, you must consult with an oncologist. If the oncologist is unsure, then your mother may also need to consult with a nephrologist or a urologist. Your mother will likely … Continue reading

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I am a 65 yr. old male with stage 3 renal disease. Other than that, I am relatively healthy. No blood pressure or cholesterol issues. I take uloric to control gout and a baby aspirin. Take a multivitamin, but that’s about it. Still work full time and love my job. My question is, I would like to take the supplement “Mdrive”. With my kidney failure, is it safe to take this or a supplement like this? Thank you for your help.

I have no experience with Mdrive. I did Google the web site and this appears to be a supplement for men. I am not familiar with the herbal supplements that are contained in this product. I am not aware of … Continue reading

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Can you explain the procedure for removal of peritoneal dialysis catheter? Am I entitled to request a local anesthetic?

I am not a surgeon and do not place or remove peritoneal dialysis catheters. It is my understanding that the catheter is generally removed with local anesthetic. I suggest that you discuss this with your surgeon.

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