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eGFR is often used to evaluate kidney function. The formula to calculate it is based on 1.73 m2 as being the average skin surface for an american white male. However, a little research indicated it is 1.9 m2 (average of 12 studies) and mine is 2.3. Using these figures and my recent eGFR (60) results in a revised eGFR of almost 66 and 80, respectively. So..which of these is representative of my eGFR?

By convention, we still use the 1.73 meters squared as the standard unit measure for the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). Your body surface area exceeds the standard and hence you would be expected to have a higher measured GFR. … Continue reading

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KIDNEYS AND URETERS: There are several simple cysts in the right kidney. In addition, in the lateral aspect of the lower pole of the right kidney, there is a subtle 2.3 x 2.4 x 2.2 cm mass. This is new from 06/10/2014. There is an exophytic peripherally hyperattenuating focus from the inferior pole of the left kidney, exophytic. This measures up to approximately 1.3 cm in the coronal plane as opposed to 0.9 cm on 06/10/2014. Nephrograms are symmetric without hydroureteronephrosis. There is contrast in the collecting system limiting evaluation for calculi. Please put in simple language for us. We were told husband has cancer. Thank you!

It is difficult to interpret someone else’s interpretation. It is best to review the radiologic films personally. The report mentions simple cysts which are benign cysts of the kidney and very common. These cysts are not a concern. There is … Continue reading

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Dr., A boy who is 12 years old has kidney issues. One kidney is removed about 2.5 years ago. Now the 2nd kidney has some blockage. The Doctor suggests that if we operate on blockage then he needs dialysis for a lifetime. We are in trouble. Can you suggest? Please, Dr. help us.

Blockage of the kidney is a urological problem and usually evaluated by a Urologist. I am a nephrologist and I have no surgical expertise. You should consult with a urologist about options that might be available for this young boy. … Continue reading

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My daughter in Oklahoma has got stones that her doctor said he’s never seen so hard and not calcium. He put a tube and screen in, then later ultrasound stone. Waited and saw her later. He said the stone had broken up, just pieces broke and passed. Now the stone has grown all over; screen and has spikes all over it. He’s going to do surgery soon. He’s not sure what it is. Can you help me?

The problem with kidney stones that you describe is a urological problem. I am a nephrologist and have no surgical expertise. There are other types of kidney stones that are not calcium. Once the stone is removed, the stones should … Continue reading

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