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My brother (age 62) is at GFR 24, Cre 2.74. I don’t know where to turn to get the info that if I was to provide him (67 is my age) with a kidney transplant, since I have the condition of Lichen Sclerosis and use steroid Triamcinolone Acetonide ointment every 5 days and I also have Genital Herpes Simplex and take Valacyclovir tablet daily would I be able to donate a kidney to him. I certainly don’t want to pass on these diseases to my brother but can’t seem to find information about what diseases can be or won’t be transferred to a kidney transplant recipient. Can you answer this question or direct me to who or where to attempt to get these answered? Since my brother has Schizo Affective, I do all the research for him. His kidney disease was brought on from a doctor not monitoring the use of Lithium from his blood test many years ago. Brother is functioning well on his meds with his mental illness but I do have a concern if dialysis will flush or dilute the meds and this will be a concern with dialysis. Since the Nephrologist we see is a owner of a dialysis center, I have concerns that her answers may be swayed more towards using dialysis. Just trying to gather information to know what is the best option and to be prepared as much as possible for the future. May try to find another Nephrologist that doesn’t own a dialysis center and therefore, we wouldn’t have these concerns of getting the unbiased info we need. (We both take thyroid meds for low thyroid and I am using estradoil tablets right now for skin thinning due to the use of the steroids.) All information or direction you could provide would be most welcomed.

Neither Lichen Sclerosis or Genital Herpes should be transferred as a result of being a kidney donor. You can get more information about kidney transplantation and being a kidney donor on our web site at:  https://www.kidney.org/transplantation/livingdonors

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My last blood test (2 mos ago) my GFR NON AFRICAN AMERICAN was 53 ml/min/SA and GFR AFRICAN AMERICAN was 64 ml/min/SA. Which laxative is best recommended?

With your level of kidney function, there is no concern about the infrequent use of laxatives. If you need more frequent use of laxatives, then I recommend PEG with electrolytes solutions such as Golytely, Nulytely and others. This is powder … Continue reading

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Hi again, My creatinine levels were 1.4 then 1.54 then 1.7. Last night was back down to 1.4. Last night I went to the Emergency room with sharp abdominal pains and chills. They took a CT scan, blood test, and urine test. All came back normal. 1.4 was the creatinine level and no protein or blood in urine. CT scan normal. Doctors were unsure what it was. None of the doctors seemed worried it’s kidney disease. Do you have any feedback or opinion for me? I am a muscular guy but have recently cut back to almost no meat and no working out. I am a bodybuilder 5’8 and 174. Seeing my nephrologist again soon as I saw him Monday and he was optimistic it was nothing. I’m just really confused and concerned. Curious on your thoughts.

The serum creatinine can vary up and down by 0.2 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) and be within the margin of variation in the laboratory from day to day. It is difficult to know which number represents your true kidney function … Continue reading

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My GFR was 42-47 for a decade. It had dropped below normal due to lithium use. I stopped lithium and all NSAIDS, also severally restrict meat. I have Hashimoto’s and recently finished radiation treatments for breast cancer (stage 1 tumor removed). Question: In the past 18 months, I have gone from 42 to 32 on my GFR, creatinine rising as it drops. My Doctor says she doesn’t know why (bp stable). WOULD my beginning chitosan be harmful? Would it help, do you think?

I do not know of any kidney benefits or harms from using “Chitosan”. I am generally not in favor of supplements unless they have been specifically tested in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

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What is the possibility of help for my Mom? She has PKD and her kidneys have catalyzed, which means they are not filtering anymore. She is only 53 years old and currently is in the hospital. She is right now using fluids to hopefully flush out and bring her creatinine level lower from a 13 and lower her blood pressure which has been almost 200. My grandmother, her Mom, died after 10 years of being on dialysis and my Mom’s sister has just started at age 52, 4 years ago. And kidney transplant, I believe, is the answer vs years of dialysis treatments.

I am unable to offer treatment suggestions without performing a complete history and physical examination. I suggest that you continue to consult with the physicians and the nephrologist, who are currently caring for your mother. I would agree with you … Continue reading

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My protein creatinine ratio 1.4 mg/dl or loss of protein in urine 80mg/dl. Now what should I do? Is there any problem?

I am unable to make any specific kidney diagnosis based on the information that you present. The units for the protein to creatinine ratio, that you quote, do not make any sense to me. The units for urine protein to … Continue reading

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