Hi, I am a 57 yo Female and just had my routine blood work done. It shows a BUN/Creatinine of 25, trace ketones and cloudy urine. I have had many UTI’s over the years but now have one a year. I also take Linzess for Chronic Constipation. This has caused severe diarrhea so I have seen a gastroenterologist and he recommended I reduce the dosage. I am currently taking one every other day. Should I be concerned about kidney disease? What questions or tests should I request from my Doctor? Thank you for your time.

I am not a fan of the Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) to creatinine ratio. I think it can be rather misleading. If your creatinine and BUN are both normal, I do not think this indicates any kidney disease. In most cases, a high BUN/creatinine ratio merely means you were a little dehydrated on that day.

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