My crea/alb ratio became less to 0.20mg/24hrs last month but now it’s 0.27. I got desperate about my treatment. It seems ineffective. Is there any more efficient treatments? (I reduced sodium intake including table salt) What should I do??? Please RASAP!!!

I am not sure of the nature of the laboratory results that you are providing. The result that you provide is an creatinine to albumin ratio. The test is usually provided as an albumin to creatinine ratio. I have not seen results usually expressed as “milligrams per 24 hours”. It is usually expressed as micrograms per milligram of creatinine or milligrams per gram of creatinine. If the result is really “milligrams per 24 hours”, then the normal is given as less than 30 milligrams per 24 hours. Your results of “0.20” or “0.27” do not make sense to me. These numbers do not seem significantly different from each other.

I suggest you review these laboratory tests with your physician for clarification.

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