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My wife has Stage 3 CKD & is in the hospital battling colitis & they are giving her antibiotics. They told me today that her kidneys are getting worse. Is there anything that can slow the damage down or is possible to heal some of the damage after she heals from the colitis? Thank You.

The kidneys are likely suffering from acute kidney injury (AKI) as a result of the infection. In patients with pre-existing chronic kidney disease (CKD) this AKI can sometimes be reversed but this is not always predictable because of the different … Continue reading

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Hi Dr. My Creatinine count GFR Calculated is 53. The Creatinine reference Range is 0.53-1.30 and my results showed it is 1.40. How and what can I do to get the GFR count to above 60? I am a diabetic for the past 19 years with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Thank you for taking my questions.

There are no treatments that can increase the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) once kidney function is lost for people with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The goal of treatment for CKD is to prevent further loss. It is not possible to … Continue reading

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Hello Dr. Spry, You have been so great answering all of my questions. All questions are looking for educational opinions and no diagnosis. I have seen my primary care Dr., my nephrologist, emergency room doctor, and done my own online research. From what I found things seem normal. My doctors have said everything is normal. My nephrologist said everything looks great to him. On my last post you felt things were normal. I am a bit anxious anyway. I just want to make sure I have done everything I needed and can stop worrying. What are your educational thoughts on these results/ any educational thoughts on next moves? Here is the situation breakdown; 22 year old bodybuilder 5’8″ (68 inches) 174 lbs, Blood pressure: 102/60, 102/66, 110/66, 111/70 120/70 BPM (bears per minute): 48-55 average. Just had a 24/hour clearance test/co-existing blood test that came back with a creatinine clearance of 136.6 ml/min, creatinine 1.41, creatinine mg/dl, 24 hr: 81.69 mg/dl, urine volume 3400 ml, Creatinine/24HR U = 2774MG/24hr. Clear ultrasound (2/20/19) and CT scan (3/11/19). Kidneys look normal with 10.9 right kidney and 10.7 left. 3 different urine dipstick tests all negative for protein, 1 STD test by primary care (2/11/19, 1 test done at emergency room 3/6/19, 1 urine test done by nephrologist, Dr. office 3/11/19. Prior blood tests showed sliding serum creatinine levels. 1.4 in September, 1.54 in February, 1.7, then 1.4 and 1.41 again all in March. BUN: 23 (1.4 creatinine) 9/6/18, BUN: 21 (Creatinine: 1.54) 2/4/19, BUN: 27 (creatinine 1.7) 3/6/19, BUN: 13 (1.4 creatinine) 3/11/19, BUN: 14, 3/17/19 (1.41 creatinine). Fasted only before most recent blood tests. Cut back on the protein intake and bodybuilding for two most recent blood tests BUN went down but creatinine stayed constant which makes it seem like reduced protein intake lowered BUN but muscle mass kept creatinine constant. BLOOD CREATININE EGFR for CKD: EPI 2009: 71,63, 56, 71, 71 Medication: Cannabis and Accutane Supplements used: Protein, BCAAS, Creatine, Amino Acids, L-glutamine. 3 servings of protein a day and 1 serving for the other 4. Diet: Heavy protein, High Carb/Low Carb over 1 lb per body weight. Routine: 2 workouts per day: one in morning one at night. Situation: Cut back recently on all supplementation, Accutane stopped, protein intake decreased. Creatinine clearance looks normal 136.6. Muscle mass bodybuilding seems to be cause for low egfr/high creatinine. Normal shape/size. No protein in urine dipstick test. Just interested in your educational thoughts on results again and if they educationally appear normal. Other doctors said function seems normal. What other steps should be taken if any? Thank you so much for your time!

I do not identify any kidney disease based on the information that you present. The estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) calculated from a serum creatinine is likely not accurate in your case. Your 24 hour creatinine excretion is very high … Continue reading

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I have ESRD and have not started dialysis and I just found out I have a mass on my right kidney. If found cancerous, the fix is to remove part or all of the kidney. My question is, will I still be able to avoid dialysis for a few more years? I’ve been ESRD for more than 8 years ago, when they wanted to put me on but I had a wait and see approach, being very careful about intake and I’ve been maintaining. Could I maintain the current level of filtration with one kidney? Thank you.

I am unable to offer a prognosis based on the information that you present. I would need to perform a complete history and physical examination in order to offer a prognosis. If you lose one kidney and maintain the other, … Continue reading

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Hello. I was diagnosed a year ago with breast cancer and kidney cancer. 2 primary cancers. I had a nephrectomy so now I live with one kidney. My question is I have been taking Herbalife protein shakes for weight loss and I have been told by others that I should watch my protein intake and that these are no good for your kidneys. How true is this and can this harm my one functioning kidney? Should I stay away from protein drinks all together? Please help! I don’t want to end up with kidney problems or any other for that matter.

I do not recommend a high protein diet. I typically recommend protein intake between 0.8 and 1.5 grams of protein intake per kilogram of body weight per day. You should review your diet and if your total daily protein intake … Continue reading

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What is the difference between EFGR/GFR and Creatinine clearance?

The estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) or the GFR are physiological measurements of kidney function based on the amount of filtrate that passes from the kidney filters (glomeruli) and into the urine. One of the ways in which we estimate … Continue reading

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Dear Doctor. I am 24 years old. Sir, I have back pain on my side, like the kidney area but not regular and not high pain. I consulted a urologist. He told me it is not a kidney problem. Sir, my ultrasound reports are normal 3 times. My RFT 5-1-2019 is normal creatinine 0.7, blood urea 16. Sir, 6-5-2019 creatinine 0.7 and blood urea 18. Sir 2-5-2019 creatinine 0.7. My urine complete report; ph 5, sugar nill, protein nill, uric acid nill, epithelial cell nill, blood nill, rbc nil, puss cell 0-1, Amorphus nill. Sir, I drink 3, 4 liters of water and urinate 10, 12 times 24 hour. Sir, please help me. Am I okay or not?

You do not have any kidney disease based on the information that you present. Back pain is not a common symptom for presenting kidney disease. I can only suggest that you consult with your physician as to other causes for … Continue reading

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