Hi Doc, You have answered a ton of my questions lately and I truly appreciate it. You said from my results you felt there was no CKD present and the kidney function was normal. 1.4 creatinine and 136.6 creatinine clearance. I feel good but I am still anxious. Should I have my doctor check my Cystatin C levels to make sure everything is okay since I am a bodybuilder with high mass. I know I have good creatinine clearance but I’ve seen that can overestimate and my serum creatinine is still high showing a low GFR for me at such a young age. Thank you.

A Cystatin C test would not change my opinion that you have a normal creatinine clearance. The Cystatin C test is yet another test that is used to estimate the glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and has it’s own limitations. I suggest that you trust your doctor to continue to follow your kidney function over time and gain reassurance that your kidneys are normal.

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