What is the difference between GFR NON AFRICAN AMERICAN and GFR AFRICAN AMERICAN and why are those GFR values always so different? Also, why are they both included in your lab work report and do you follow one or the other based on a person’s race or ethnicity and disregard the race GFR value that you don’t pertain to?

The estimating equation for the glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) uses a different correcting factor for black African American individuals and individuals who are of other races (non-African American). This is based on different muscle masses between different races. For any given individual, a black individual who has the same serum creatinine as a non-black individual, will have a higher eGFR than the non-black individual. There have also been other equations developed for Asian Americans and other races as well. You should use the result given for your race and gender. There are correction factors also between men and women.

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