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Dear Dr., Greetings!! I want to know, whether some medicines are newly available to stop kidney damages or reverse it for CKD patients in stage 3? Or is a simple diet and lifestyle control helpful? If yes, what are those medicines? Best regards.

There is no new drugs for the general treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Lifestyle changes including a low salt diet, exercise, achieving a normal blood pressure and maintaining a healthy body weight remain the goals for the general treatment … Continue reading

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I am Stage 4, creatinine 1.9, GFR 26. For about 6 months, I noticed that my urine turns a milky white, very light brownish color when it sits for extended period of time in commode. Could this have something to do with phosphorus, phosphates, or crystals? If so, please explain which and what causes it. Thank you.

I am unable to determine what could be causing the changes that you describe. The precipitation of crystals and other solutes in the urine on standing has more to do with changes in the acidity of the urine (high or … Continue reading

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I had a Ileostomy on May 2, 2017. My check up in January 31, 2019 stated I have decreased kidney function. I am concerned that my kidneys will be damaged because I only expel 6 or 8 oz. at a time. The fluid goes straight to my ileostomy. Do you have any advice and how long will my kidneys work under these conditions?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis of kidney disease based on the information that you present. If this is a problem of dehydration related to increase water and fluid losses from your ileostomy, then drinking sports drinks such … Continue reading

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Dear Sir, My recent abdomen ultrasound scan report states that “parenchymal echo pattern is isoechoic in both kidneys”. What does the above mean? Please clarify. With best regards.

I cannot interpret the meaning without seeing the actual films. In general, isoechoic means “uniform echos” within the substance of the kidney. I suggest that you contact the physician who ordered the ultrasound test for an interpretation. Isoechoic could mean … Continue reading

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My 11 year old son recently had a BP reading of 154/70 at a grocery store kiosk. He was taking it for fun, and the first time the systolic pressure was even higher. Two other successive readings were in the high end of normal. I wouldn’t give it a second thought except he recently saw a nephrologist for follow-up of high calcium content in his urine and she’s checking for kidney stones (did a renal function panel and has an abdominal US scheduled). Is this something worth mentioning to her, or would a true high BP reading show in every test? I know there can be a connection between high BP and kidney issues, but I think it would be a much higher reading, and at a consistently high level. Thank you.

An 11 year old boy should have blood pressures clearly in the normal range and less than 130/75. You should discuss this with the nephrologist who is evaluating your son. Unfortunately, blood pressure devices in grocery stores and kiosk’s are … Continue reading

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After partial nephrectomy, chronic pain is getting severe/worse. Abdominal pain, nausea. Keep getting narcotics, and Zofran. Feel like it is more than just pain. Pain comes from somewhere! Abscess, RCC, or there is multiple other tumors. Help.

I am a nephrologist and I have no surgical expertise. The problem that you mention is a complication of kidney removal (nephrectomy). I suggest that you consult with a urologist, who is a surgeon.

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How do I lower creatinine with diet? And he has protein 65mg. His weight is 174 pound. Please let me know. And can he have kidney transplant now at this point, at stage four? I really appreciate it for the help. Thank you.

I do not know of any dietary adjustment that will improve kidney function and lower the serum creatinine. The goal of treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is to try and preserve remaining kidney function. It is generally not possible … Continue reading

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43 year old male. For the last 6 days straight, I will have 3 – 4 “episodes” a day with significant pain in or about my right side kidney. It comes on with a dull ache and increases to the point where I can hardly stand the pain. Lasts for 15-20 minutes, then slowly subsides until completely gone. I just had a CT scan and labs, but doctor said no signs of a kidney stone. Episodes continue to happen post CT scan. What other diagnosis tools can or should I consider?

I am unable to provide a specific diagnosis without performing a complete history and physical examination. If no stones are identified on computerized tomography (CT) scan and your urine testing is normal during these episodes, then I would suggest you … Continue reading

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I’ve been on dialysis since 2015. I was approached by a Transplant Center about getting off dialysis. I’ve always dismissed the idea, but decided to give it try. I went to the Orientation, sat through the slide presentation, gave more blood than I ever had, then the doctor came in and said they wouldn’t consider me unless I lost at least 100 lbs. He said it was to much fat to get in to. I didn’t mind him telling me that. I just could have handled it better knowing up front then I could have decided how to handle it. I now have a donor, but I’m told that this procedure still can’t be done because no Doctor would want to put me to sleep. Is there any truth to this?

It is true that there is increased risk to performing transplantation in people who are obese and specifically if there is severe obesity. This generally means that someone has a BMI that is over 38 kilograms per meters squared (kg/M2). … Continue reading

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Dear doctor, My big brother have kidney problem 4 years back. Both of his kidneys failed. He had 1 year and 2 months of dialysis and he was transplanted for 2 years. His reports were normal but one year back his report were abnormal, creatinine 4, six month ago his creatinine 8. Doctor said urgent dialysis. Creatinine back to 5.1, 2 months ago. His report 9.9 then, back 5.2. One day ago, his creatinine was 10. Help me sir. He save dialysis.

I am unable to provide a specific diagnosis for why the kidney transplant has failed. In most cases, a transplant kidney biopsy is necessary in order to make a specific diagnosis. Your brother will need to continue consultation with the … Continue reading

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