I am a 7 year dialysis patient. I no longer make any urine (1/4 cup per week). I am retaining fluid in my mid section and lungs (no swelling of legs or ankles). How can I move the fluid from my lungs and mid section tissues to my blood stream so it can be removed through dialysis?

Fluid removal from tissues such as your abdomen and lungs takes time. The heart is capable of translocating the fluid from the tissues into your blood space so it can be removed by the dialysis machine. This process takes time and in some cases, we have to add extra time to the dialysis in order to allow this fluid to translocate. In other cases, we add an extra dialysis treatment in order to just remove the fluid from your tissues. You should discuss this with your nephrologist and see whether you need extra time on dialysis to safely remove the extra fluid from your tissues.

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