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My dad is 82 years old with bph, has a indwelling foley catheter. Over a few weeks his catheter has been leaking and had saturated his diaper. Nurses have changed out the catheter. Only for it to start leaking again. This has happened a lot. He has a history of UTI’s. He ended up in the ER with septic shock secondary to UTI and pneumonia. Renal failure and respiratory failure. He also had a clogged catheter. My question is at what point do you call for a urology consult? And how do you prevent septic shock?

Problems with the lower urinary tract are within the expertise of a urologist. I am a nephrologist and do not deal with Foley catheters and complications. If there are problems related to infection and a bladder catheter, then urologic consultation … Continue reading

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High elevated creatinine levels accompanied by normal 24 hour creatinine clearance, scans and BUN. No protein in urine. Should there be concern? Curious because serum creatinine is said to have many influences and muscle mass is one. But there are also massive 6’2″ 300 pound steroid using men’s lab results that come back normal. Big muscle mass like that with a normal creatinine cause concern to me when looking at a 5’8″ person with higher than normal creatinine and no steroid use. When you are much smaller should that cause someone to be concerned as well? Or is everyone different and you need to look at a person as a whole. Considering both the top tests are co-existing normal or if the tests were not yet taken.

A normal 24 hour urine collection for creatinine clearance is a strong indicator that kidney function is likely normal. As you mention, the serum creatinine tends to go up with increased muscle mass and this can be confusing for estimating … Continue reading

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I had an acute kidney diagnosis and a kidney biopsy two and a half weeks ago. I am feeling OK except for the side effects of my blood pressure medication. I have been a horseback rider my whole life. My question is, when is it safe for me to ride again after all this?

Horseback riding could be a problem after a kidney biopsy. Horseback riding could be associated with bleeding at the biopsy site. I suggest that you check with the physician who did your kidney biopsy and ask when to resume horseback … Continue reading

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