My 72 yr old husband went to ER 8/31/19 for severe back pain, suspected kidney stone. Scans did not show a kidney stone and they thought he had passed it. Blood tests performed at that time showed Serum Creatinine 1.41; Blood Urea Nitrogen 22; MDRD GFR calculated for over 70 years of age was 1.41. Blood tests one month later on 09/30/19 showed Creatinine 1.91; Blood Urea Nitrogen 31; and MDRD GFR calculated 37. Still having back pain and saw Urologist on 10/09/19 who did an X-Ray and ultrasound and found no kidney stone. Blood tests that day were Creatinine 1.89, Blood Urea Nitrogen 37; and MDRD GFR 1.89. With the numbers on these blood tests, I wonder if he should see a kidney specialist. Another symptom (I don’t know if it’s related to the kidneys) is he has had swelling in his groin and legs the last few months and has a red rash on his legs. Swelling is now down to his feet. No one seems to know reason for the swelling. What are your thoughts?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  Back pain is an uncommon way for kidney disease to present.  It is possible that this represents some form of kidney disease, but I cannot provide a differential diagnosis without performing a complete history and physical examination.  Your husband should check with his primary care physician (PCP) about possibly seeing a nephrologist for evaluation.

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