I had my yearly physical 2 months ago. My RBC was 6 -below 20 as normal, protein in urine was 50 – below 20 as normal. I was dehydrated during testing. I was retested a month later. The BUN was 10, creatinine-0.8, albumin 3.9. I also had a 24 hour urine test. I didn’t eat any protein a couple of days prior to the test. Did I cause an inaccurate result because of not eating protein? Total protein was 7.2, mid normal range. Still having some foamy urine, mainly in the morning. Having some sensations in the right kidney area. Should I retest 24 hour urine and eat normal protein? My 24 hour results were below 5, unable to calculate the 24 hour UP as the random urine protein is less than the lower technical limit. Thanks for your help

Avoiding protein intake will have almost no impact on urine protein.  Eating a low protein diet without red meat might cause the serum creatinine to be a little lower than it might otherwise be and this would result in a higher estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) than might otherwise be.  The 24 hour urine protein results would not change appreciably by eating protein in the diet.

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