Some labs are okay; others are not. I’ve had over 6 months of high urine rbcs, and high urine proteins. Nobody has said anything and I’ve complained of kidney pain. They looked at antibodies and only SSdna was positive and high at 88; everything else is normal for ANA. My random creatinine in 1 urine sample was 120.2. Is that bad? High albumin/globulin, low calculated osmolality, low bun/creatine, high basophils. Nobody is giving me answers. What is going on?

I am not able to provide a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. I do not recognize any kidney disease based on the information that you present. There are no normal values for a random urine creatinine as this value is used to judge other constituents of the urine such as protein, sodium, potassium and other chemicals in the urine. A single stranded anti-DNA antibody (SSdna) is of no consequence.  

I suggest that you continue to consult with your physician about your symptoms and your concerns.

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