What prescription meds for arthritis can be taken while on dialysis? I have about 15% kidney function now and been on dialysis 6 years. I’m 86 yrs old in reasonable health, but arthritis is taking over my body. Help.

I am not able to recommend prescriptions medication without performing a complete history and physical examination. Note that in my patients, I generally recommend topical agents for arthritis pain. Any topical agents should be safe for someone on dialysis except that I would not apply the topical agent on or near your fistula as this could create irritation and potential for infection.  

Any other agent must be recommended by your nephrologist. Not only must your nephrologist consider if an arthritis medication is safe for you on dialysis, he or she must consider if that drug will have any interaction with any other drugs that you may be taking. I suggest that you discuss your concerns with your nephrologist.  

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