My last Lifeline Screening showed my eGFR as “abnormal” at 48. I am a 64-year-old female, 5’8.5″ tall, 135 lbs, with low blood pressure, no diabetes, eat very healthy (fruits, vegetables, fish), drink lots of water, but I do not exercise as regularly as I should besides walking. It concerned me when I “Googled” & 48 is the score of an 85-year-old! I did show my results to my primary care doctor but she did not suggest further tests. If you were me, what steps would you take next? Thank you so much for your expertise.

Some of the laboratory screening is not as accurate as one would hope. I would suggest that you have your screening repeated by your physician to include a blood test for serum creatinine and calculated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). Your screening should also include a urine test for blood, protein and infection. This is the proper way to screen for kidney disease. Some of the free screening tests are not reliable.  

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