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What are the effects of Stage 3a Kidney Disease? Can high doses of Calcium increase your Potassium level?

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is generally without symptoms. This is why it is difficult to know whether you have kidney disease unless you get blood and urine testing for CKD. Early stage CKD may result in mild anemia and some … Continue reading

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My father has been suffering with CKD problems the last 1 year. Creatinine: 3.3, urea: 97, hb: 6.9, sugar (f): 147, sugar (pp): 207, bp: 179/85. He takes Zyroop 4000 ui twice a week the last four months. Eglucent mix 50 & Trajenta 2.5 for diabetes; Phostat 667 mg; Rocaltrol .25mg; Cilacar m 10/50; Prazopress xl 5mg; Rozustat asp 10/75.

I am unable to provide a diagnosis based on the information that you present. Your father appears to be suffering from kidney disease and possibly related to diabetes. He is also anemic. His blood pressure is too high. I am … Continue reading

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My husband has been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. He has multiple cycts on each kidney, but he has not been referred to a nephrologist or a dietician. His creatinine is now 142 and eGFR is 43. Also in his blood work his RBC keeps getting lower and myelo and pros show up as 1 in blood work occasionally. Is this concerning? Also anemic and was told to take OTC iron.

I am not able to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. Anemia is very common in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Once the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) falls below 50 milliliters per minute … Continue reading

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I suffer from kidney disease. In July I had my right kidney removed. I now suffer from anemia and my iron level is 3%. They want to do an iron infusion and I am not sure I want to do this. Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

I commonly recommend iron infusions for patients with iron deficiency and anemia with kidney disease. Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) often cannot absorb iron very well and infusion of iron is the most appropriate treatment in this situation.

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I have felt miserable with my dx of CKD Stage 4. I have had every test under the sun. I even see a therapist. My labs are stable considering having had this dx since Oct 2017. It came out of no where. Is there any kind of treatment to help. My biopsies stated that CKD came from Chronic Interstitial Nephritis. Biopsies done one year ago Jan 2018. I have become anemic, high blood pressure and high cholesterol since my dx. Does this chronic illness/disease continue to get worse? I have not seen or heard of any treatments unless my GFR is at 15. Mine is 20 now. I just feel as though I have searching for over a year for something. I cannot take this fatigue, lower back pain, dizziness, feeling faint, nauseau, unable to concentrate and mild confusion to go away. I get there is no cure but there must be something.

At some point, your nephrologist must determine that the symptoms you are relating are potentially treated by dialysis and transplant. You should be eligible to be evaluated for listing on the transplant list once your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) … Continue reading

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Hi. I am 31 F. I have been feeling rotten recent month. Then had an infection so had my bloods done. They showed an iron deficiency, anemia as well as infection. My Hgb was 10.3 ferritin 6.9. I have been taking oral iron before this too. My creatinine was 1.61, Ur 11.7, eGFR 40. Thinking is likely to be IgA nephopathy. They thought would be periods, although mine are light and short. Last had check, last year my Hgb was 13.5. Do you think it is relevant to the kidney check and what options are there to improve the anemia? Thanks.

Kidney disease and anemia commonly occur together. The kidney is responsible for making a hormone known as erythropoietin. This hormone helps to make red blood cells. In patients with acute or chronic kidney disease, anemia is very common. It is … Continue reading

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I wanted to ask your opinion on the supplements acetyl l carnitine and alpha lipoic acid used for pain control in those with neuropathy. I have IGA neuropathy and my last GFR (Oct. 2018) was 51.

Carnitine has been studied in the treatment of anemia associated with dialysis patients. Alpha lipoic acid has been advocated for the treatment of painful neuropathy associated with diabetes. I am not aware of any studies done with either of these … Continue reading

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Hello Dr. Spry, my 5 yo daughter has mild hydronephrosis (right kidney) and vomiting episodes where she quickly becomes acidotic. Her urologist ordered a Mag3 test to be completed soon to find out more. The urologist as well as the hematologist weren’t sure if the hydronephrosis could be contributing to my daughter’s unexplained ongoing normochromic/normocytic anemia, so I wanted to reach out to get your thoughts to see if the two could be possibly connected. Her erythropoietin level was at 8 which was lower than expected for a hemoglobin of 9. Thanks.

I do not know of any association between blockage of the kidney (hydronephrosis) and anemia. If the kidney damage was present in both kidneys and there was associated kidney failure, then anemia related to kidney failure could be present. The … Continue reading

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My mom is suffering from CKD. It has been more than six yrs that she was diagnosed with CKD. Her creatinine level is 5.3 and her haemoglobin level is 6 now, an anemic. She had been under treatment with allopathy medicine. She is 67yrs old. Please help me to maintain her health and to lower her creatinine level. I really want her to live many more years. I have no one else in this world besides her.

Her anemia might be able to be treated by an erythropoiesis stimulating agent (ESA) such as epoietin alpha or darbepoietin.  Anemia with chronic kidney disease (CKD) is very common and can be treated.  If her CKD has progressed to kidney … Continue reading

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Sir. My mother is a kidney patient since one year. Recent reports shows the record as UREA (SERUM/GLDH) 141.1, Creatinine 5.13, Blood percentage 7.5. She is unable to eat well and frequently she is getting fever. What are precautions we have to take? What food we need to give her? How to improve blood? Thank you.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide. Your mother would appear to have advanced kidney disease. Her symptoms appear to be consistent with the advanced kidney disease. I would suggest that your … Continue reading

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