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I was diagnosed with a kidney stone 5 months ago.  I have tried both traditional and medical treatments. When it was scanned, the stone disappeared.  But I still feel really sick and the area of my waist really hurts moreover for the past several days.  I also vomit and I found it is hard to defecate.  The temperture is also high. Do you have any ideas about my condition?

I am unable to make a diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  You should follow up with your primary care physician.  I am not sure this is a kidney disease.    

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I recently had a cystoscopy due to severe right sided flank and abdominal pain along with blood in my urine. The thinking was that this was being caused by a kidney stone that had been found on a ct scan and that it may have moved. If this was the case my urologist planned to remove it thru scope. During the procedure he found that the stone was imbedded in my kidney tissue and felt that it would do more harm than good to attempt removal. Therefore he left and placed a stent in right ureter. But interestingly enough, as he put it, not only was I found to have extra renal pelvis on both sides but that my kidneys were laying down as opposed to being upright. He explained to me that this means urine output would have to travel up before going down and the pooling of urine needed to take place to create the amount of force needed to urinate could cause serious consequences, and that at the time of stent removal we would measure flow and possibly consider surgery to correct this anomaly. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing and or know if this could be a root to my constant pain and recurring stones? I d like to add that I am 3 days out from surgery and still peeing total red blood. Please offer thoughts and any knowledge.

The problem you describe is a urological problem.  I am a nephrologist and I have no expertise in this area.  I suggest that you discuss this with your urologist.

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Please can you help me? I suffer with kidney stones and now I have developed a dent in my lower back (left side). It’s swollen and painful to touch. Do you have any idea what it is?

I am not able to provide a diagnosis without performing a complete history and physical examination.  I suggest that you contact your physician for an examination to see what this abnormality might be.

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I had oxalate kidney stones. Can I still drink almond milk?

Almond milk does not contain significant amounts of oxalate.  Please see the United States Department of Agriculture web site at: For general information about kidney stones and diet please click here.

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I have kidney stones measuring 4mm and 3.8mm. Please suggest diet for me.

I suggest you drink as much water as you can tolerate and that you follow the DASH diet.  You can learn about the DASH diet at:

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My mother has kidney stone measuring about 21mm at right ureter. She is 56 year old and does not have any symptoms for now. Which procedure does she has to undergo for the removal and is it safe to delay the treatment as she does not have any symptoms.

This is a question for a urologist.  A urologist is a surgeon who evaluates patients with kidney stones for possible treatment.  There are medical and surgical treatments for kidney stones.  I am a nephrologist and do not perform surgery.  I … Continue reading

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I am on my 80th kidney stone since age 16 now I my mid 40’s. My urologist suggested 12.5mg hydroclorthiazide over the last year, to work as a diuretic. Well, my stones are worse. I have seen many urologists, but they have never recommended a Nephrologist. In your opinion should I try this route. Also, I live in Michigan, but I am willing to travel. Is there some sort of clinic .

A urologist can remove and treat kidney stones that are present.  A nephrologist is trained to evaluate why someone has stone disease and recommend treatment to prevent kidney stones.  I recommend that you see a nephrologist and have 24 hour … Continue reading

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My eGFR was 57 in September 2014.  My urologist didn’t seem too concerned and the APRN that I see regularly said it was a little low.  I do have type II diabetes (A1C 6.5) and I take high blood pressure medications and watch what I eat, but sometimes pressure is over 130/80.  Usually about 138/84.  If really stressed it is 142/90.  Other times 128/78.  I have a renal oncocytoma that was found and biopsied in May 2013.  I also had kidney stones.  After three lithotripies, the stones were blasted small enough and are now completely gone.  I was told to modify the low oxalate diet and to add some of the foods back in (by my urologist).  I continue to take Theralith XR supplement and drink lots of water and lemonade. My concern is that I have CT scans done with contrast to check the oncocytoma for growth or further development.  Should I be worried about the contrast dye?  In 2013, my eGFR was in the mid to high 80s, so the fact that it is now 57 worries me a bit! 

I am unable to establish a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) based on the information that you provide.  I would also suggest that you have urine testing for blood, protein and infection in the urine.  Since they are checking … Continue reading

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Is there a chart with levels of oxalates in foods for chronic kidney stone producers to help us with our diets to prevent more stones? I found one online from but it is from 2008.

The oxalate chart that you reference in your question is still valid.  In addition, I found two other University sites that also discuss oxalate containing foods.  As is true in all diets, moderation is the key to success.  There was … Continue reading

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I am suffering from kidney stones, size 6mm. I am presently drinking 6 liters of water but that kidney stone is not dissolving. I am taking Detrovin hydrochloride tablet.

Dissolving a kidney stones can take many years.  It does not happen in a short time.  I suggest you continue to drink 6 liters of water per day and follow a DASH diet.  You can review the low salt DASH … Continue reading

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