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After having ESWL for ureter stone, there has been infection and pus is being formed. Due to which severe pain is persistent. Why this infection has occurred and how much time will it take to recover? What are its consequences?

The question that you ask is a urological question and must be answered by the urologist who did the extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) on you.  I am a nephrologist and I do not perform ESWL.  You should discuss this … Continue reading

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My 22 year old son was dx with a kidney stone two years ago. He had a lithotripsy and we thought all was well. Since then he has been disabled with chronic kidney stone almost daily. Sometimes passing so many of them he bleeds and passes out. He has seen the head of UCI urology and many local doctors who all have nothing to offer other than pain management. I know you have not seen him but some one out there knows something. He had a recent 24 hr urine that show the stones are struvite and he was placed on Cipro but no response. Please help me and him.

Struvite stones are infection stones.  The problem that you describe is a urological problem.  This is usually handled by a urologist.  I am a nephrologist.  I do see patients with struvite stones and it is best to treat the infection … Continue reading

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Renavive natural kidney cleanse capsules. Is there any medical evidence that these capsules prevent the formation of kidney stones or dissolve them naturally?

I do not know of any scientific medical evidence that “Renavive” has any important effects on kidney function or has any beneficial effects on kidney stones. For general information about kidney stone and prevention please click here.

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I’m frustrated as a normally very active woman of 48. I am chronically nauseated, lethargic, weak, WBC in urine, shortness of breath, flank pain mostly on right but some on left. I have stones (history for 2 years) and now cyst in right kidney. Fluid obviously right under right knee and somewhat left. Chafe dry (unusual for me) skin to where it looks chalky. My mouth has a taste of metal that doesn’t go away. I’ve lost roughly 5 lbs since beginning of March, noted at docs office, without trying because I don’t count calories. Today he said the stones and cyst won’t kill me and even the fluid retention won’t but he prescribed low dose thyroid medicine for low thyroid. And told me to have blood work in two weeks and see him in two months. I don’t have high blood pressure but all my life I’ve been hypotensive 99/59 now since feeling this way Bp measures high for me 122/76 which seems silly maybe but I think there are personal norms. Should I see another doc and if so can you point me in a direction I live in north San Diego county. Also trouble urinating and previously never a problem.

I do not recognize a specific kidney disease from your symptoms and findings that you report.  If you have kidney stones, you should have them analyzed to see what kind of stones they are and what they are made of. … Continue reading

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I have a kidney stone 4 mm inside inferior let calyx kidney.No pain at all. Do you think it could be bigger during the passing of the time? My mother gets kidney stones also and my uncle.

It sounds like this kidney stone may have been picked up on an x-ray that was done for another reason.  If the stone is causing no symptoms, then I’m not sure why the study was done.  The stone is very … Continue reading

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my husband have a 19 mm calculus in left renal pelvis and 5 mm calculus in left kidney. Is surgery the only remedy to remove it? Is there any other chance. Can it be cured by medicine?

The 19 millimeter (mm) stone is very large and will likely require surgery.  There are no medications that will reliably cause this large of stone to pass.  I do not perform surgery.  I am a nephrologist.  You should discuss this … Continue reading

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My gastroenterologist just suggested I take 1500 mg of Calcium daily, along with 400 mcg of Folate – because I form many polyps each year and need frequent Colonoscopies. He said these two supplements would help to prevent forming so many polyps. What I’m worried about is that I’ve had several bouts with kidney stones as an adult, and I’m worried these two supplements might cause more kidney stones? Needless to say, since they’re SO painful, I don’t want to take anything that may cause kidney stones. What is your opinion as a kidney doctor?

Taking extra calcium supplements can increase the risk of kidney stones, if you are passing calcium oxalate stones.  The most important aspect of preventing kidney stones is drinking extra water to keep your urine clear and dilute.  You should drink … Continue reading

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How to remove kidney stone? and I also have sugar problem. I am 62 years old.

A kidney stone must be evaluated by a urologist.  A urologist is a surgeon and also performs stone manipulation as well as lithotripsy of the stone.  I suggest you contact a urologist.  I am a nephrologist and do not perform … Continue reading

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I’m a sufferer of both kidney stones (struvite), and frequent UTI’s. For the last couple of weeks, I have had symptoms of significant swelling in my feet, lower legs, hands, and eyes. In just the last two days, I have started exhibiting symptoms of what I think is a UTI, however, I’m beginning to worry as I know that at last imaging, I have a stone in my right kidney. My current symptoms (along with those stated above) are pain in the bladder area, back pain in kidney area, bladder pressure when and when not urinating, and extreme fatigue and nausea. > My question to you is, should I see my family practitioner or go straight to a nephrologist or urologist for testing? Or even the ER? I’m very concerned that I either have CKD, or that there’s some type of blockage from the stone. I feel very ill. Hard to describe.

I suggest you start with your primary care physician (PCP).  The PCP will know you the best and can help you with appropriate referral.  In most cases, this will have to be handled by a urologist.  The stone must be … Continue reading

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My 12 year old daughter has had three stones in the past 18 months. We are trying to naturally prevent formation of additional stones. Do you know if using pure essential lemon oil is as effective as fresh squeeze lemon juice?

It is best if you have a specific diagnosis as to the cause of these kidney stones.  One of the stones should be analyzed to determine the chemical nature of the stones.  This will permit more accurate treatment, once you … Continue reading

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