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Can untreated kidney stones contribute to or cause kidney damage?

Yes.  Kidney stones that block the kidney or stones that might be associated with infection can cause acute and chronic kidney injury.

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I have a malfunctioning kidney on the right side. Doctor’s believe I was born with it as my symptoms started when I was around 5/6 Years of age. I suffered with a reflux which caused damage to my Bladder. A bladder repair was done when I was around 8years old after much suffering and different medication. I am susceptible to Urinary Tract Infections and they have got worse in the last 7years. I now have 3 stones in the malfunctioning kidney which they say is too thick to blast or breakdown. I suffer with many symptoms like fever cold chills, fever, sharp shooting pains, feeling nauseous and sometimes vomiting. I am tired even after a good night’s sleep and normally awaken with swollen eyes. The problem alongside all of that, is I am not feeling pain in the left kidney which functions at 85% when last checked. My right kidney function has varied over the years 7%, 10%, 15% fluctuating up and down with no rhyme or reason. I am due to see the consultant in July and want to be able to put my case forward to do something beneficial to improve my quality of life. Should I be worried that my good kidney is getting pain? I look forward to your response.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  Your description sounds like chronic pyelonephritis with a staghorn calculus.  This problem is generally dealt with by both a urologist and a nephrologist.  You may … Continue reading

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I have stone of size 3mm in my right kidney. I go to the doctor he told me this small size no problem but I ask for medication but doctor has not given any. Please give suggestion as to what can I do?

A kidney stone of only 3 millimeters (mm) should pass with just drinking extra water.  Stones less than 5 mm will generally pass with conservative medical management.  If you drink extra water, the stone should pass without much symptoms.  You … Continue reading

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I’ve had five episodes of kidneys stones over several years, the last one in 2011, when I was told to drink 4 oz of lemon juice a day. I make my own “lemonade” with Splenda and I keep my fluids up. The issue is that I travel a lot and don’t always have access when traveling to lemon juice and splenda. Taking Potassium Citrate has been recommended for those times I’m away, but i’m unsure of what dose I should take per day. The tablets I just got are Potassium Citrate 99mg tablets. Thanks for your thoughts.

Lemon juice contain potassium citrate and Vitamin C.  It is thought, however, that the potassium citrate is the active ingredient that prevents kidney stones.  The question you ask is difficult to answer because lemon juice contains a variable amount of … Continue reading

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I am 21. I am having stones in my kidneys. What do I need to do and which foods should I not eat?

If the stones are causing pain, you should consult with a urologist.  A urologist deals with stones that are causing symptoms.  You may require surgical treatment or lithotripsy. In order to prevent kidney stones, you should follow a low salt … Continue reading

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Doctor took my Kidney almost three years ago, but because of insurance, I have not been able to see kidney doctor since kidney was removed. I got staghorn stones all the time in the kidney. They removed. Now questions?? Since I only have one kidney should I be on a special diet? Don’t want to risk the one good kidney I do have. I drink water and Green Tea only. Just found out from someone that I should eat Spinach. Just not sure what else I should stay away from to stay healthy and to keep the kidney healthy. BTW I Am 46 this year.

Staghorn stones are usually caused by repeated infections.  You should make sure that your kidney and bladder infections are treated promptly and completely.  I would suggest that you follow the DASH diet and keep your sodium intake to less than … Continue reading

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My wife is suffering from Kidney stone. COuld you please suggest best diet to reduce it. She is getting pain once a week at night time. We have consulted doctor for this and has a report. Please let me know if you need any details.

Once a kidney stone is present and causing pain, diet alone will generally not relieve the pain.  Your wife should see a urologist and determine whether surgery or medical treatment is possible.  The best diet to prevent kidney stones is … Continue reading

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Can kidney stones damage or harm kidneys??

Yes.  If stones cause complete blockage of the kidney, the kidney may be damaged.  For general information about kidney stones please click here.

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I have a stone that needs ureteroscopy with laser performed. My doctor mentioned that sometimes the opening is to tight to get the instruments up in there on the first try. So they put a double J stent in and let that stay in a while to expand the ureter, then reschedule the surgery for the final procedure. I only want this stent in me for the shortest required time possible. So how long would be the minimum time before final surgery ? And after surgery they put a new one in as well. I think this is required for at least 7 days.

The questions that you ask are surgical questions usually asked of a urologist.  I am a nephrologist and do not perform surgery.  I suggest that you address your questions to your urologist or seek a second opinion from another urologist.

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Yesterday I had sudden pain in my back so I went to the doctor. He did an ultrasound and x-ray and tells me that I have a stone of 4mm. In the report, this is written – (mild hydronephrosis with hydroureter due to 4-5 mm right lower ureteric calculus) Can you tell me what that means in detail and about any eating precaution.

I suggest plenty of water and a low salt diet.  You should keep your sodium intake to less than 2000 milligrams per day.  The ultrasound merely indicates that you have a stone incompletely blocking your right kidney leading to a … Continue reading

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