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My son, now 5 years old was diagnosed with Hydronephrosis in both kidneys before birth. He was monitored for 2 years and was released of urology and nephrologist but the past few weeks he’s showed high blood pressure, very metallic smelling hair and breath. He has been wetting his bed at night and cannot seem to stop sweating and drinking excessive water. Should I get a lab work up?

I suggest that you consult with your son’s pediatrician for an examination.  Laboratory testing may be needed but a good examination by his pediatrician will be important to make sure the proper tests are performed. For more information on children’s … Continue reading

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My 17 yr old daughter has had two episodes of enuresis over the past two weeks. It occurs near the time she wakes and actually dreamed about needing to urinate (turns out she did). What might be going on? I’ll give you a bit of her medical hx – she was very ill in Jan 2014, high fevers, positive ana (normal now), high esr, c-reac protein, abnormal kidney and liver labs (many more labs done), proteinuria – all finally back to normal 11 months later. We’ve seen many specialists – no diagnosis – possible virus, my opinion possible drug induced lupus – regardless, no diagnosis. Now we are investigating amenorrhea X 8 months, seeing more specialists, etc… Is this enuresis a coincidence, related? Need to be investigated further? I would like any and all feedback on this.

Enuresis is not a kidney problem, but rather a problem with bladder or pelvic disease.  I am a nephrologist and have no expertise in bladder or pelvic disease.  Urologists and gynecologists are physicians who commonly deal with diseases in this … Continue reading

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I have a 18 years old boy that has a daily problem with bed-wetting. He has had several examinations that do not reveal anything. What can I do to help him? We do not live in the US.

Bed-wetting at this late date usually related to a urological problem.  You must have your son examined by a urologist.  I suggest that you consult with a urologist in your country. For general information about bed-wetting please click here.

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My son is 16 and only has one kidney and still wets the bed. It is frustrating for all involved. We recently put him on desmopressin which works when taken correctly most of the time. We still have some accidents. But if he takes a nap during the day we have an accident. Nor my husband or I wet the bed when little but my father had the first succesful kidney transplant here in NOLA at Tulane Hospital a long time ago. My fear is when he wants to leave for college will he still have this issue? Is there any other resolutions we could look into to cure this problem?

This is a relatively common problem, but it is problem with which I have no experience.  Bed wetting or “enuresis” is commonly diagnosed and treated by pediatricians or pediatric urologists.  I have no expertise in this area.  I suggest you … Continue reading

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I have a bedwetting problem. I am a 22 year old female and cannot get rid of this problem. Please help me out. I haven’t taken any medication up to now.

This is a urologic problem.  You should consult with a urologist.  I am a nephrologist.  Bedwetting problems are most commonly managed and treated by a pediatrician or a urologist.  I suggest you consult one of these physicians. For general information … Continue reading

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My son Travis has been experiencing up to 5 bed-wetting dreams a week. This has been happening for about less than a month. He is 14, active, outgoing, and sporty. He hasn’t wet the bed since he was 4-5.

This is a problem commonly treated by a pediatrician.  I am an adult nephrologist and do not see children.  I suggest that you consult with your pediatrician.

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