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Dear Dr. Spry, I’m a 185 lb (84 kg) male kidney donor. I run, bike & lift weights. My protein intake is 100% from food (no supplements). My daily protein intake ranges from 80 to 140 g strictly through food (my go-to power snack is dry roasted edamame). My water intake is about 120 fl oz. per day. Do you believe I should cut back on protein from food in order to protect my kidney? Thanks.

I do not recommend a high protein diet for patients with a single kidney.  I typically suggest protein intake in the form of high biological value protein and intake of between 0.8 and 1.2 grams per kilogram per day.  Hence, … Continue reading

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I am kidney transplant recipient for last 6 months. Creatinine is now 1.2. I am also diabetic patient. My height 5 feet 7 inches and weight 70 kgs. Age 63 years. I received organ from living donor. How much water and protein I should take daily? Presently on insulin and immunosuppressant medicine.

You should follow a DASH diet and drink water to your thirst.  It is not necessary to drink a specified amount of water.  You should also follow a low salt diet.  You can review the DASH diet at:

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I had my yearly physical 2 months ago. My RBC was 6 -below 20 as normal, protein in urine was 50 – below 20 as normal. I was dehydrated during testing. I was retested a month later. The BUN was 10, creatinine-0.8, albumin 3.9. I also had a 24 hour urine test. I didn’t eat any protein a couple of days prior to the test. Did I cause an inaccurate result because of not eating protein? Total protein was 7.2, mid normal range. Still having some foamy urine, mainly in the morning. Having some sensations in the right kidney area. Should I retest 24 hour urine and eat normal protein? My 24 hour results were below 5, unable to calculate the 24 hour UP as the random urine protein is less than the lower technical limit. Thanks for your help

Avoiding protein intake will have almost no impact on urine protein.  Eating a low protein diet without red meat might cause the serum creatinine to be a little lower than it might otherwise be and this would result in a … Continue reading

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My husband is on dialysis. He needs a low salt, low potassium. low protein diet. What resources do you suggest I use to help make meals palatable in keep to the regimen of a renal diet? Thanks so much.

There should be a dietitian assigned to your husband at the dialysis unit.  You should be able to make an appointment and discuss your husband’s specific diet with the dietitian.  Diet needs to be customized to patients on dialysis.  Each … Continue reading

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I am 65 years old male with stage 3a CKD. All of my blood and urine work is in normal ranges but my eGFR is 50-53 and creatinine is 126. I have blood pressure well controlled with Losartan and Norvasc 110-115/ 75. I follow a DASH type diet. A nephrologist consult, which I asked my PCP for, said my numbers are all normal and did not recommend any dietary modifications other than healthy eating habits and that I could do some research on a lower protein diet if I wanted to. I am fearful of developing MBD. My serum phosphorus is 1.4 mmol/l, the lab range is .8-1.5. My calcium is 2.34 mmol/l, the lab range is 2.1-2.6. My PTH intact is 6.5 pmol/l, the lab range is <7. The consult review letter from the nephrologist to my doctor said I was extremely healthy. I find this comment puzzling given that my eGFR is less than 60. She also had me do a 24 hour creatinine clearance which showed a calculated GFR of 67. I don’t know who or what to believe anymore I am so confused. Should I be following a low protein, low phosphorus diet? Am I in danger of progressing to MBD? I am very scared.

The situation that you describe is very early Stage 3a chronic kidney disease (CKD).  If no other causes were found with your nephrology consultation, it is likely that you have CKD related to your high blood pressure and with your … Continue reading

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Hi, I am 1 year post transplant and still experiencing side effects from medication, especially prednisone. Prednisone was eventually reduced to 4 x 5mg per week, which should have lessened the side effects, but hasn’t. In fact it’s much worse than what it was at 6 months post transplant. Now 1 year after transplant, I am still experiencing erratic moments of irritability, insomnia and aching legs and feet, these are usually worse at night. I have informed my doctor about these, and he’s told me to give it (the reduced dosage) more time to work through my system. Aside from all of that, I gained 10 kgs between May and September and when I went for a go visit on 4th October I’ve gained another kilogram which puts me at 11kgs weight gain post transplant. This weight gain, leaves me feeling very uncomfortable and beside all of that my entire body bloats from the time I get out of bed, feet, ankles, lower and upper legs, abdomen, arms, fingers, face, etc. I am not on any diuretic, I do not use salt in my diet, I try and excercise at least 4 times a week but even this is becoming a problem as my knees ache all the time and I’m finding it very difficult to even bend down or kneel as it is quite painful. I’ve informed my doctors about all of this and all they’re saying is to give the prednisone time to work. Other medication I’m using is advagraf 11mg, Myfortic 360 mg x 2 daily & a magnesium supplement which doesn’t seem to even help. What more can I do to help myself get some relief from these side effects and to lose weight or reduce the bloating? I follow a balanced diet, or at least try my best to and I don’t eat any processed foods or even drink sodas or juices. Only water, about 2.5-3 liters a day and 2 cups of decaf black coffee.

Weight gain after transplant is a very common problem.  The improvement in appetite and the prednisone after transplantation both promote weight gain.  Most of my patients comment on how good food tastes after getting a kidney transplant.   I suggest … Continue reading

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My husband–75–has been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. His potassium levels, sodium, etc. are normal. His red blood counts are low and he is taking iron. His gfr is 23. When I read on the internet it sounds like he is in serious trouble, but his doctor is not doing much in my opinion. I have been reading about a program called the Blood Pressure Solution. Wondering if you are familiar with it and what is your opinion? He also has some heart issues. Two stents, but blood pressure is under control. Cholesterol levels good. He is on blood thinner. Should we find another doctor?

I have no experience or knowledge about the “Blood Pressure Solution”.  I am not able to make a specific diagnosis as to the cause of your husband’s chronic kidney disease (CKD).  He appears to have risk factors for CKD that … Continue reading

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I had severe cerebral malaria faliciparum last year with acute kidney injury (at one point below 10%). The last time I had my kidneys checked they were within the normal range for both creatinine and glomerular filtration rate. What is your advice for continued follow-up and prevention for future kidney injuries? By the way, I was very strict about my kidney diet and did not have any other morbidities so I think that helped me.Thanks!

Malaria causes acute kidney injury by causing breakage of blood cells and clogging of the kidney filters with damaged red blood cell products and clogging of the kidney arteries with damage red blood cell products. In most cases, if you … Continue reading

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Hello doc, I have a friend that has been doing treatment for almost 10 months. He complains that he feels sick. Is there anything that you would recommend to help him feel better? I mean food or medication whatever that can make him feel better.

I am not able to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  I would need to perform a complete history and physical examination.  If these symptoms are occurring with in-center dialysis, then considering home dialysis with … Continue reading

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I have had several blood tests dating back to March of 2017. The tests all show creatinine levels of 1.3 to 1.6 and eGFR of 44 to 55. My family doctor says I don’t need to do anything unless eGFR drops below 30, but my research indicates I should be doing something now. Also, I am on hydrochlorothiazide for high blood pressure and I am wondering if kidney disease could be causing high blood pressure?

High blood pressure and kidney disease are similar to the conundrum of chicken and the egg.  High blood pressure can cause chronic kidney disease (CKD) and CKD can also cause high blood pressure. Hence, the goal of treating high blood … Continue reading

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