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My mother was diagnosed with CKD stage 3B. It is now stage 4. Last test showed her kidneys are only functioning at 23% their normal capacity. I have type O negative blood. If I turn out to be a perfect match, can I donate my kidney anonymously to my mother by contacting her doctor? My sister is power of attorney and claims the doctor said she’s too old to get on a donors list and because her disease is related to high blood pressure, she is automatically disqualified to be on the list. I find this hard to believe. She’s 68 years old. I’ve asked my mum if she’d take one of my kidneys and she says no because I might need it later. If it will save her life, I would do anything. So I’d like to know if a person can anonymously donate a kidney to a family member without the family member having to know where it came from. Thank you. The time before last, her kidney functions where at 28%. Now they’re 23%, so she’s losing them fast and I’d like an answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

I order for you to donate a kidney, your mother must first be evaluated to make sure she is eligible for listing on the transplant list.  In order to be evaluated, her estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) must be less … Continue reading

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I am 52 yr old female, Caucasian, with Type A blood. My sister is 62 yrs old and is in Stage 4 kidney failure. She is also diabetic. She gets dialysis 3 times per week. I live in CT and she lives in FL. Besides blood type, what do you see as a barrier or barriers from me possibly being able to donate kidney to her? My health history is fairly good with the exception of being diagnosed and treated for Stage 2B HER2+ breast cancer in 2014. I had chemo, surgery and radiation, followed by an additional 6 months of Herceptin to finish my treatment in early 2015. I am considered cancer free. Does that fact exclude me from being a donor? I’m sure there are other factors involved but bases on this information, would I be eligible to help her?

Each transplant center has their own unique criteria for accepting someone as a kidney donor.  There is no universally accepted criteria that is used to accept a potential kidney donor.  Hence, my best advice would be to discuss your situation … Continue reading

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I want to donate the kidney in exchange for anyone or a hospital so that I can talk and agree on that.

You will have to contact a transplant center in your local area. You should know that it is illegal to exchange a kidney donation for anything of value in the United States and most countries around the world. If you … Continue reading

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Sir, we are going for kidney transplant and want to know what are the test to be done of donor and recipient and how much the results have to be to match? Please send me reply. I shall be very pleased. Thank you.

The testing required for a kidney transplant varies with the transplant center, but in general requires ABO blood type matching, HLA-A, HLA-B and HLA-D testing, as well as cross-matching. In some laboratories, Anti-HLA testing and Panel Reactive Antibody (PRA) testing … Continue reading

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Hi Doctor! My mother lives in Florida and I am moving out that way to help take care of her. She is in kidney failure and needs a kidney. I am going to be tested to see if I qualify and also match her so I can give her one of my kidneys. I have a question about medications. I take a few medications and wanted to know if you knew if that would affect the doctors from accepting me as a donor. Zomithozide, Prilosec, Xanax, Paxil, Trazadone, Bactrim, Zyrtec, multivitamin, and D3 & B12. Thank you! If I have to wean off of any of these meds I will do so to help my mom.

I am not able to recommend medication changes without performing a complete history and physical examination. Only your physician and primary care provider (PCP) should recommend changes in your medications. I suggest that you review them with your PCP. I … Continue reading

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I want to donate my kidney. Please get back to me ASAP.

If you want to consider an altruistic kidney donation, then you should contact your local kidney transplant center and ask to be evaluated as a kidney donor. You can also visit our web site and learn about the process of … Continue reading

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I’m A-. Can I donate a kidney to an A+ person?

A person with blood type A can always donate a kidney to another person with blood type A.  The Rh factor (which may be either positive or negative) does not factor in to the decision.

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My elder brother needs a kidney transplant but cannot go on the donor list because he also has prostate cancer. I am 58 years of age, have had hairy cell leukemia, which was treated and I’ve been in remission since 2002. I do have hemochromatosis, but it is kept under control. Would I be allowed to give my brother a kidney if we are a blood match? He is currently at 13% function.Thanks!

Your brother must first be accepted to the transplant list prior to you being evaluated as a donor.  If you have leukemia and hemochromatosis, it is unlikely you will be accepted as a donor.  The hemochromatosis predisposes you to diabetes … Continue reading

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I want to understand my health risk if I donate a kidney to a close friend. My father had type 1 diabetes diagnosed at age 18. He was insulin dependent his entire life. My father died at 62 years old due to congestive heart failure. My mother has type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, both were diagnosed in her 50’s, she’s 67 years old. My mother has had two mild strokes, but suffers no physical impairments. My mother’s father had extremely high blood pressure and late life diabetes. He suffered many strokes, resulting in paralysis, loss speech and finally an inability to swallow. I’ve read that kidney donation could result in high blood pressure or diabetes. Based on my family history, am I at a greater risk of suffering post operation hypertension or diabetes.? I am in very good health aside from my anemia, which I am told is a result of beta thalassemia. I am 5’4″ and 135 pounds. My blood pressure is typical 105/68.

I am unable to provide a prognosis based on the information that you present.  It certainly seems that you are at risk for chronic kidney disease (CKD) based on your family history and you should be screened for CKD annually. … Continue reading

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I am a 40 year old woman. I donated my left kidney to my mom in 2001. My labs for the last few years have shown creatinine of 1.02-1.04 and a GFR of 58-60. Should I be concerned? I’m not sure if I should make an appointment with a nephrologist to discuss kidney care after donation.

A serum creatinine of 1.02 – 1.04 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) and an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) between 58 and 60 milliliters per minute per 1.73 meters squared is normal for a single functioning kidney.  I suggest that you … Continue reading

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