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I am a 40 year old woman. I donated my left kidney to my mom in 2001. My labs for the last few years have shown creatinine of 1.02-1.04 and a GFR of 58-60. Should I be concerned? I’m not sure if I should make an appointment with a nephrologist to discuss kidney care after donation.

A serum creatinine of 1.02 – 1.04 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) and an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) between 58 and 60 milliliters per minute per 1.73 meters squared is normal for a single functioning kidney.  I suggest that you … Continue reading

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Can a person with CKD be a blood donor? I am between stages 2 to 3. I got it because of consistent High Blood Pressure which I found out through a Kidney Biopsy.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) alone should not exclude you from being a blood donor, however, many patients with CKD are anemic and you will not be able to be a blood donor if you are anemic.  If your blood pressure … Continue reading

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Can I donate a kidney? I have had hepatitis.

If you have hepatitis, you should not be a living kidney donor.  We sometimes use kidneys from cadaver donors that are Hepatitis C positive but only give them to patients who have chronic Hepatitis C.  Hence, you could fill out … Continue reading

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I recently inquired about being a kidney donor for my father. I am over all healthy but was denied because I had a history of back surgery 6 years ago. Is this a common reason to be declined or just specific to the facility which I applied?

I have not heard of back surgery as being a contraindication to being a kidney donor.  I would suspect this is specific to the facility which you applied.  There are no nationwide guidelines for being a kidney donor.  Each transplant … Continue reading

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The doctors suggested that my uncle have dialysis twice in a week or transplantation. How to get a donor?

You must discuss kidney donation and transplantation with your uncle’s nephrologist.  Each country and each transplant center has different rules and guidelines for the evaluating and accepting patients to a transplant list.

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I donated my left kidney on January 2nd of this year. My doctors said I didn’t need a special diet. However, lately I wonder if other doctors think differently. Do you think some donors should be on a special or restrictive diet? If so, then why and what would it be? Please advise.

I suggest that you avoid those diets which suggest high protein intake and low carbohydrate intake such as the Atkins diet and the South Beach diet for weight loss.  I suggest you limit your protein intake to less than 1.5 … Continue reading

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I have a friend who is in the last stage of kidney disease. Besides that he also has asthma. Sometimes he faints, is tired, even got thinner than before. He is a smoker and always stays up late too. So will dialysis still suit him for now or not?. I want to donate kidney but I have A+ blood and he is O blood. So can donate to him?

Your friend must be seen by a nephrologist who can examine him and determine whether he would benefit from dialysis and then your friend must decide whether he wants to perform dialysis treatments.  Donating your blood type A kidney to … Continue reading

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I have three questions, can someone with AB+, blood type donate to someone with B+? Can someone with a Rheumatism donate? and can someone with recent signs of high blood pressure from stress donate a kidney?

A person with an AB blood type can only safely donate a kidney to someone with an AB blood type.  Occasionally someone with blood type B can donate to AB but it will require special treatment and there are increased … Continue reading

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 I would like to know if  kidney donors can safely take contraceptive pills or injections to prevent pregnancy?

Birth control pills and other forms of contraception have been safely used in patients who have been kidney donors, but blood pressure should be carefully monitored.  There is also a slight increase in risk for blood clots, strokes and heart … Continue reading

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Do living donor kidneys last longer than cadaver kidney transplants?

Yes.  Living donor kidneys will last on average 12 to 15 years and cadaver kidneys last on average 8 to 10 years at the present time.  These are averages and will vary from transplant center to transplant center.

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