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I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease two years ago. I changed a recommended kidney health diet and light excercise. Lately I have been having pain in my kidneys and adrenal glands along with low energy levels. I have not had a check up since I was diagnosed. What should I do?

Patients with polycystic kidney disease (PCKD) may often experience pain and discomfort from time to time related to cyst growth and cyst hemorrhage. You should avoid wearing tight fitting clothing. You should avoid all forms of caffeine. Light exercise and … Continue reading

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I am a 60 year old Caucasian male, 180 lbs, who walks and attends gym regularly, non smoker, no alcohol but HIV+ virus non-detectable – on medication (triumeq tab for HIV+), atenolol (25mg) and Lipitor (10mg) all one per day. My eGFR has gone from 53 in May of 2015 with ups and downs to 42 in September of this year. Creatinine in the same period increased from 1.36 to 1.65. Kidney specialist has completed a battery of blood tests and urine analysis (including 24 hr.) No abnormal results arose from all of the tests and protein in urine is less than 6 mg/dl. Ultrasound shows one simple cyst but no other abnormalities. I have no physical symptoms. And no swollen lymph-nodes or swollen ankles etc., Kidney specialist says that kidney biopsy is the only option to give more information. Are there any other alternative tests that could be done? Many thanks!

A kidney biopsy would seem reasonable in your case. Most cases of kidney disease associated with HIV (+) status are associated with protein in the urine. You mention that your urinary protein is normal. It might be possible that your … Continue reading

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I have type 2 diabetes and ckd. How can I manage my fatigue? I sleep over 12 hours a day and have no energy even to walk to my mailbox. It’s frustrating because I would like to exercise to loose weight since I am also obese. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.

First of all, I would recommend a complete history and physical examination by your primary care physician (PCP) to make sure your overall health will permit exercise. There are a number of medical illnesses other than chronic kidney disease (CKD) … Continue reading

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I have kidney disease stage 3 getting to 4. I was advised for exercise not to ride a bike because movement might damage the kidney. What is true about it and what kind of exercise I can do since I want to loose some weight? Many thanks.

I cannot imagine a kidney disease that would not allow you to ride a bicycle or not allow movement. This does not make any sense to me. I would encourage you to be as active as you can be. If … Continue reading

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I read an article about muscle wasting in hemodialysis patients and was wondering what can be done to prevent it from happening. The article states, “Endurance (aerobic) and resistance (anaerobic or strength training) exercise have been reported to reduce muscle wasting in HD patients.” It also states, “In a typical endurance exercise program, at least 30 minutes per day of moderate intensity exercise must be performed 5 days per week…[and a] resistance exercise program should be performed gradually and at least twice a week and should include training for all the major muscle groups.” I would like to know what type of exercises are they talking about, pushups, body weight squats, etc.? I was told by my nephrologist that patients on hemodialysis can’t do these types of exercises due to the fistula in their arms? I would also like to know if the type of muscle stimulators that are used by Bruce Lee on his muscles can be used by a patient on hemodialysis. What is the correct answer?

Exercises recommended for dialysis patients include walking, bicycling, swimming and jogging.  Dialysis patients may also use light weight lifting as a repetitive exercise.  It is true that these exercises are recommended to be done for approximately 150 minutes per week. … Continue reading

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My mother suffers from stage 3 kidney failure. She continues to put on more and more weight. I try to keep her diet healthy although, no matter what we try in hopes of weight loss the pounds keep building. What can I do to help her lose some weight?

In order to lose weight, it requires a combination of increased activity and decreased calories.  Hence, it will be important to increase her activity and control her calorie intake.  You should discuss your concerns with her physician and see if … Continue reading

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I was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy about seven years ago and did several rounds of chemotherapy and my IGA nephropathy has been in remission up until two years ago. My blood pressure spiked after I went through a house fire and loosing my mom a few months later . My GFR and creatinine have been fine up until I got a bad tooth infection. My GFR is now 57. It was over 60. I generally only get blood pressure spiked around my menstrual cycle. I’m on 5 mg of Lisinopril once daily to protect my kidneys and keep blood pressure in check. I was wondering if blood pressure and kidneys would be affected by starting a workout regimen. Lifting weights (light weights) and treadmill. Also my regular doctor said I could start on a meal replacement called isagenix and there are one to two days a week that you cleanse with a cleanse drink. Is this OK in your opinion?

Exercise and light weight lifting are excellent ways to maintain your overall health and your kidney health. I have no experience with the supplement that you mention and would not have an opinion about use of this substance. For more … Continue reading

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I was born with one kidney so I tend to pay close attention to its health. My main concern is after exercising I develop proteinuria and I prove this by using the urine-analysis strips. Depending how intense the exercise was, it will determine the protein level in my urine, for example after doing lots of heavy weight lifting, I have seen protein levels as high as 60-100 mg/dL. So with that is the exercise induced proteinuria going cause my kidney function to fail prematurely or lead to kidney issues? Am I more susceptible to exercised induced proteinuria with only having one kidney?

Exercise induced protein in the urine (proteinuria) is also known as orthostatic proteinuria.  If the protein disappears from your urine with rest and after sleeping all night, then this is likely normal.  Some children have this finding and grow out … Continue reading

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I am 52 year old male I have some problems with my kidneys. In the year 2000 of December, suddenly my BP level became very high 150/220. I went to Hospital for checkup and then I found in my report that I had my creatinine level 2.2 and protein discharged from my urine. It has been posted to the Community. Check back in about 24 hours for your response. An easy way to quickly access this page again is to bookmark it right now on your browser. My kidneys size found shrink in ultrasound report. After 3 months, my creatinine level came down to 1.6 and other reports became normal. Recently, I did my ultrasound again and my kidneys size become almost normal. My creatinine level retain under 1.5 to 1.7 and other reports are normal. Please suggest me that what I can do for my healthy life as I am doing bodybuilding exercise 3 times in a week and doing Pranayam (Yoga) exercise daily in the morning.

I suggest that you monitor your blood pressure and make sure the blood pressure is less than 130/80.  I suggest that you eat a low salt healthy diet.  I am an advocate for the DASH diet and you can review … Continue reading

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I am a 76 yr old male trying to stay fit through aerobic workouts and moderate strength training exercises. My GFR is 55 and my last Creatinine level was 126. Will weights or strength training tend to increase Creatinine levels for someone my age with chronic kidney disease?

As you build muscle mass, the creatinine will have a tendency to increase.  This does not mean that there is kidney damage but rather means that you may be developing increased muscle mass.  Exercise and moderate weight training should be … Continue reading

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