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Is taking statins safe for already compromised kidneys? My partner has been diagnosed with CKD stage 3a (gfr 59). It started with finding out his vitamin D was very low and he was having really bad cramps. They have been taking his bloods for 3 months starting with gfr 89 with a massive drop within 6 months to gfr 59. That is concerning to me. No diabetes and his blood pressure is OK. He has severaly low vitamin D though so has been prescribed high dose once a month (liquid). Also high creatinine in blood. After recent scan they found multiple cysts on both kidneys and there’s been referral made for further investigation so possible PKD now. It’s been 2 weeks now and still waiting for the appointment. He’s also dealing with sleep apnea (he isn’t overweight) and insomnia. Also had hernia 3x which has been meshed now but developed seroma in the place. At some point he suffered enlarged prostate which they said “feels” normal now but was evaluated only by physical examination so who knows. I’ve read this may have contributed to lowering gfr as well. He also has a history of stomach ulcers but that was sorted maybe a decade ago. With regards his kidney function he hasn’t been to hospital and everything has been dealt through his general practitioner (GP) so far. As well he’s coping, but I’m just terrified 😥. We’ve made some changes to his diet (a lot of veg, little meat, fruit, whole grain, low sodium diet) which he’s not happy about but I believe right diet can help. Despite not having high BP or high cholesterol his GP, now prescribed him Atovarstatin 40mg daily. I think it’s quite high for someone who has got no issues just yet. I’ve read loads about possible contribution to further kidney damage and horrible side effects. I’m not keen on him taking preventatively these pill just because I believe there is no need at this moment. Am I wrong? I’d rather have him undergo heart examination first and regular gfr and other tests but they say it’s once a year check up which is ridiculous. I just don’t know what steps we should take now. Thank you for advice.

Statins, such as Atorvastatin, are used to prevent the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and also prevent complications of heart disease, which are very common in patients with CKD.  I am unable to comment on specific treatment for your … Continue reading

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Are diuretic meds bad for kidneys mainly Hydrochlorthiazide?

Hydrochlorothiazide diuretics will lower blood pressure and can lead to dehydration but are sometimes necessary in order to control blood pressure and edema in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).  These drugs should be monitored carefully in patients with CKD. … Continue reading

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I am an African American female 71 years of age, stage 3a CKD with good labs. I want to know if magnesium baths with baking soda are OK. I also need to know about sauna and steam room use. Please recommend an amount of water for consumption as I am 137 pounds, I do not have any fluid restrictions. How can I slow the progression of CKD?

Baths and sauna should not have any effect on kidney function.  I would make sure that you do not ingest any of these salts.  To slow progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD), you should not smoke, avoid taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory … Continue reading

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My daughter (currently 11 years old) was diagnosed with multicystic dysplasia of one kidney during a prenatal ultrasound. Over her first few years of life, my daughter’s kidney was resorbed and we were discharged from her nephrologist. Compared to her three siblings, my daughter is overweight (her siblings are very lean), has noticeable excessive body hair, a very round face, and has borderline high blood sugar. I am worried that these are signs of excess cortisol production, but I also feel that I am most likely being paranoid. Is there any correlation between Cushing’s and MCDK? Is it possible that the adrenal gland is still active despite resorption of my daughter’s kidney? Thank you so much in advance for your help and your response.

The adrenal gland may still be active despite the fact that the dysplastic kidney is no longer functioning.  I do not know of any association between Cushing syndrome and multicystic dysplastic kidney.  I suggest that you review your concerns with … Continue reading

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I am a 76-year-old non-Hispanic white male with stage 3 CKD. My most recent readings for urinary creatinine listing the most recent first are: 38, 150, 128, 60, 105, 74, 63, 111, 107, 66, 167, 47, and 79 at Quest Labs. The units are mg/dL. My diet, exercize, and hydration were all about the same in each case. I made sure I was well hydrated. I did take Isosorbide Mononit (30 mg) for blood pressure for a 2-week period between the 38 and 150 readings but stopped 5 days before the 38 reading because it was giving me headaches and didn’t substantially lower my blood pressure (average about 146/80) anyway. It seems that my blood creatinine doesn’t vary near that much. Is it normal for urinary creatinine to vary that much?

Yes. The urinary creatinine concentration will vary by the time of day, degree of hydration, and physical activity.  That is why there are no normals for urine creatinine.  The urine creatinine is used to factor in other substances (such as … Continue reading

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Only my left kidney is in failure. I’m finding little to no info for research with having 2 kidneys but only one failing. I’m in desperate need of any info available as drs are at a loss with me in my area.

If you have one kidney that is functioning normally, then many people live a normal life with one kidney. I am not sure what caused the loss of your other kidney.  In many cases, this is a defect that you … Continue reading

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Sir my mother’s creatinine is 2.1. She has high blood pressure. Is this to worry about or not? If yes, then what should we do? Thank you

A serum creatinine of 2.1 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) is abnormal and should be further investigated. Your mother should have urine testing and see her physician to determine the cause of her kidney disease. Once the cause has been determined, … Continue reading

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I was recently found to have severe hydronephrosis by having high creatinine levels.While I was awaiting the appointment with the urologist,I had to go to the ER with hypertension crisis (my BP was normal before this). Since then, the Dr had a nephrostomy tube inserted into my left kidney. I’ve also been sent for several scans showing no kidney function at all in the left kidney due to an obstruction but not from a stone. I’ll need a nephrectomy. I had a hysterectomy 10 months ago. He seems to think my ureter became blocked because of that surgery. I have had NO pain. Now, my chest feels full and fluttery. I’m super tired. I have a terrible taste in my mouth and over the past few days, my left kidney is sore when I move (not sharp). Is this because that kidney is dead and will get better when it is out or could these be symptoms of something else?

I am not able to make a specific diagnosis without performing a complete history and physical examination. Your situation is very complicated and will require a urologist to provide an opinion. The precise diagnosis may not be known until surgical … Continue reading

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My father is 61 years old known case of CKD with Hypertension. He has been on dialysis since couple of weeks, sum total of 10 dialysis have been done out of which 1 dialysis was done using online Haemo Dia Filtration technique. His creatinine has subsequently reduced from 8.6 to 6.5, however he had pnuemonia patch in the right lung and took antibiotics and has recovered from that. But he has been coughing quite a lot with only secretions coming out and no sputum. There is some fluid in his lungs for which he has been advised to go for HDF and mild pericardial effusion. Can you please suggest what can be the cause of severe coughing, shortness of breath and the treatment for the same? In case you can provide me your email ID, I can send out the XRAY to you for evaluation. Request you to please revert as I am looking for a remedy at the earliest. Thanks in advance.

I am unable to provide a specific diagnosis and treatment based on the information that you present. From your description, your father may still have fluid in his lungs that must be removed with dialysis, but he could also have … Continue reading

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I am a 63 year old white male 5′ 10″ 175 lbs., leading a stressful professional life and not working out on a regular basis. For many years I have been taking Metoprolol 100mg for hypertension, pre-diabetic, Xanax 2mg for anxiety and Livalo 4mg for high cholesterol. In May 2019, I was prescribed to also take Repatha 140 mg once every two weeks. My B/P has been under control and my total cholesterol dropped from 222 to 97; triglycerides were very high prior to Repatha. After the first 6 weeks on Repatha, I had a Basic Chem panel performed along with a test for my lipids; 6-27-19. My creatinine was 1.1 with a eGFR of 70 and has always been in the normal range. During this time, it was determined I had a stenosis of L4 and L5 and required surgery to eliminate excessive pain in both legs. For a 70 day period prior to surgery I was taking 1 Aleve in the morning and 1 Aleve at bedtime for pain and then eliminated after 70 days; never had taken Aleve before. I went to my Doctor for nausea immediately after stopping the Aleve; 9-11-19. Another Basic Chem panel was performed and my creatinine increased to 1.6 eGFR dropped to 45. I was retested 5 days later and my creatinine dropped to 1.4 eGFR 53. I was referred to a nephrologist and diagnosed with AKD. After 3 months I returned to the nephrologist and my creatinine was 1.5 with a eGFR 49 and am now diagnosed with CKD. I am trying to determine the cause of the CKD. I have been seeing the condition rhabdomyolysis in numerous articles in relation to cholesterol and am curious since my cholesterol dropped so significantly and so fast could this be contributing to my decrease in kidney function or after just 70 days did the NSAID probably do the damage to my kidneys? I am still using the Rhepatha and if there is a possibility this could be an issue I would like to discuss with my nephrologist. The feeling I am getting is similar to many of the answers I have seen on this site. DASH diet, control hypertension, exercise regularly and control weight for blood sugar trying not to further damage my kidneys. Then sometime in the future you may need dialysis. This is a scary proposition to anyone.

Rhabdomyolysis or myoglobinuria is an acute deterioration in kidney function (Acute Kidney Injury or AKI) that is often associated with muscle injury related to statin drugs.  This causes red urine and discomfort in the muscles, especially in the upper legs … Continue reading

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