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Hello, I have been recently diagnosed with F.S.G.S. My Doctor is always very positive about everything avoiding straightforward answers (which is common in my side of the world). Protein in the urine has become 1700 mg / l (24 hour test) Creatinine has become 1.4. Both figures are more than few months ago. How can I understand better my FSGS stage? Are these figures indicative and relevant? Is there any particular way to know the progress (I mean deterioration) of my health situation (disease)?

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a scarring disease of the kidney. There are many causes but treatments have not been very effective. The diagnosis is based on findings on a kidney biopsy and there are at least six different classifications … Continue reading

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Hello Doctor, My brother in law is diagnosed with CKD. His creatinine level is currently 7.6. My query, is dialysis the only option or can this be solved by medication? His age is 52.

The serum creatinine that you provide suggests that your brother-in-law has very advanced kidney failure. I am unable to make any other specific diagnosis based on this laboratory value. For advanced kidney disease, dialysis or kidney transplantation are generally the … Continue reading

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Even without infection: Can prophylactic antibiotics be helpful in end stage kidney failure? Thank you.

Prophylactic antibiotics are sometimes used to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI’s). I know of no other reason to use them in End Stage Kidney Disease. I could not foresee of any benefit to using prophylactic antibiotics in ESKD.

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Hello Doctor. A few months ago, I experienced a strange situation with my kidneys. I am a 23 year old male who at the time of my acute kidney failure, was living in China. I remember the first time I suspected something was wrong was when I got cramps all over my body. I also was experiencing nausea, itching and side pain. When I went to the hospital in China, I was told that my creatinine and creatinine kinase levels were high. I returned to the states and went to the emergency room. Lab results for kidneys came back fine and the doctors couldn’t tell me why my muscles broke down in China. Since I wasn’t given a reason for the failure I decided to go back to China. Unfortunately when I arrived, the same thing happened. I didn’t want to risk my health anymore so I just returned to the States to which I currently reside. Since then, those symptoms have practically disappeared. I have never had any health issues with my kidneys before the event. Not sure whether it was the air pollution or certain food that cause my problem but the fact that I am young and had this problem concerns me. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

I am not able to provide a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. The story you tell sounds like rhabdomyolysis (muscles deterioration) with myoglobinuria (kidney failure related to muscle breakdown products harming the kidneys).  In this case, … Continue reading

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What can cause a healthy kidney to suddenly stop functioning? My daughter was diagnosed with kidney failure and a biopsy of the kidney was done. She has been on dialysis for the past two months. There was a closer study of the biopsy and it has now been determined that the kidney is healthy – but it’s not functioning. What should be the next steps to “wake up” the kidneys?

I am not able to suggest a cause for a normal kidney that causes kidney failure and results in dialysis. This would not be an expected outcome. It is possible that the blood supply to the kidney was compromised and … Continue reading

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Hi Dr. I just want to ask, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney failure last February first week and she has history of diabetes and hypertension also. She was all ready for dialysis doctor said, but since we are poor people, we can’t afford it. Now she is here at home. Her two feet are big already, her skin gets black like it was burned. Her urine is regular but she can’t poop. What do you advise me to do aside from dialysis? And what food is she allowed to eat and drink too please? Thank You.

I am unable to provide a specific diagnosis or treatment based on the information that you present. There are many cause of kidney failure, including high blood pressure and diabetes. I am not able to suggest a diet that would … Continue reading

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My dad is 82 and after my mom, his wife of 58 years died he came to live with my brother. He then, nearly immediately had 2 prostate surgeries to reduced the size of the prostate so now he lives with us. His kidney function number is 26 or 27, we have known about the kidney failure and huge prostate for years but the doctor where they lived never did anything but observe him. He has been on temazepam for years at 30 mg to sleep the doctor at my brother’s reduced it to 15 and added melatonin when my dad refused to let him stop it completely. Our doctor is now going to stop it but that is not going to go well with my dad. He insists he has to have it to sleep, I think he’s addicted to it. What else can we do to help him sleep without that pill? Also are there any changes that we can make to diet or anything to help his kidney function? Our doctor had to put him on Lasix to get the excess water off that he had. He can barely walk with a walker for more than 300 feet without having to sit because of back pain from scoliosis and he has high blood pressure. I’m just looking for information to help us take care of him. My husband is his caregiver as he is disabled from back issues himself and so I work.

The best advice that I can give you is to have your father visit with both his primary care physician and his nephrologist to give you advice. I am unable to give recommendations about drug treatment without performing a complete … Continue reading

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I am 40 year old lady with sponge kidney. Is it a difficult disease? How can I treat it well and keep it healthy? What kind of food can I have? What kind should I avoid? Is it a serious disease? I have back pain and itching and both feet and hands always cold. Thanks.

Medullary Sponge Kidney (MSK) is a relatively rare kidney disease that results from abnormal cysts that form on the tubules of the kidney. It is commonly associated with kidney stones and very rarely results in declining kidney function and kidney … Continue reading

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My father is 49 with ESRD, high blood pressure and diabetes. He also has a high urine output and very low amount of swelling. He decided to stop dyalisis 12/22/17. He has gone without for 18 days now. He doesn’t eat and he drinks about 32oz a day or less. He has very labored raspy and wet breathing. He is refusing all medications and going to the ER. We have tried over and over to contact hospice but they won’t come. My question is, is there any natural way to help with his breathing? Because everything else he doesn’t want.

The labored breathing is because of the kidney failure and likely related to fluid in the lungs. There is no other “natural” treatment for fluid in the lungs. Diuretics or dialysis would be required. His primary care physician (PCP) or … Continue reading

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My father has been undergoing hemodialysis treatment the past 3 months and just recently has stopped urinating. I realize this is common to dialysis patients however he still feels the need to urinate much of the day. Is there any treatment or medication to effectively mitigate this symptom of the need to urinate sensation?

Most dialysis patients continue to make some urine.  If your father has suddenly stopped urination, this could mean that he has prostatic blockage and does have urinary retention. I suggest that you father see his primary care physician or his … Continue reading

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