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My dad is 82 and after my mom, his wife of 58 years died he came to live with my brother. He then, nearly immediately had 2 prostate surgeries to reduced the size of the prostate so now he lives with us. His kidney function number is 26 or 27, we have known about the kidney failure and huge prostate for years but the doctor where they lived never did anything but observe him. He has been on temazepam for years at 30 mg to sleep the doctor at my brother’s reduced it to 15 and added melatonin when my dad refused to let him stop it completely. Our doctor is now going to stop it but that is not going to go well with my dad. He insists he has to have it to sleep, I think he’s addicted to it. What else can we do to help him sleep without that pill? Also are there any changes that we can make to diet or anything to help his kidney function? Our doctor had to put him on Lasix to get the excess water off that he had. He can barely walk with a walker for more than 300 feet without having to sit because of back pain from scoliosis and he has high blood pressure. I’m just looking for information to help us take care of him. My husband is his caregiver as he is disabled from back issues himself and so I work.

The best advice that I can give you is to have your father visit with both his primary care physician and his nephrologist to give you advice. I am unable to give recommendations about drug treatment without performing a complete … Continue reading

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I am 40 year old lady with sponge kidney. Is it a difficult disease? How can I treat it well and keep it healthy? What kind of food can I have? What kind should I avoid? Is it a serious disease? I have back pain and itching and both feet and hands always cold. Thanks.

Medullary Sponge Kidney (MSK) is a relatively rare kidney disease that results from abnormal cysts that form on the tubules of the kidney. It is commonly associated with kidney stones and very rarely results in declining kidney function and kidney … Continue reading

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My father is 49 with ESRD, high blood pressure and diabetes. He also has a high urine output and very low amount of swelling. He decided to stop dyalisis 12/22/17. He has gone without for 18 days now. He doesn’t eat and he drinks about 32oz a day or less. He has very labored raspy and wet breathing. He is refusing all medications and going to the ER. We have tried over and over to contact hospice but they won’t come. My question is, is there any natural way to help with his breathing? Because everything else he doesn’t want.

The labored breathing is because of the kidney failure and likely related to fluid in the lungs. There is no other “natural” treatment for fluid in the lungs. Diuretics or dialysis would be required. His primary care physician (PCP) or … Continue reading

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My father has been undergoing hemodialysis treatment the past 3 months and just recently has stopped urinating. I realize this is common to dialysis patients however he still feels the need to urinate much of the day. Is there any treatment or medication to effectively mitigate this symptom of the need to urinate sensation?

Most dialysis patients continue to make some urine.  If your father has suddenly stopped urination, this could mean that he has prostatic blockage and does have urinary retention. I suggest that you father see his primary care physician or his … Continue reading

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I have just had my latest blood works returned. I have not seen the doctor yet. Just trying to figure out my life. My eGFR Non African Am is 24 mL/min/1.73 >59. My Creatinine, Serum is 2.66 Q- A) How likely or how close am I to stage 4? B) How quickly can it progress to stage 5 and the ultimate end?

Stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD) is present when the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is between 15 and 29 milliliters per minute per 1.73 meters squared and has been present for at least three months. Hence, with an eGFR … Continue reading

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My 51 Y.O. Significant other was diagnosed with end stage renal failure in May, 2017. He is currently on PD Dialysis, which he started in July of this year. He has constant stomach pain, and has since beginning the dialysis. His nephrologist has given him a laxative, but that does not seem to work. He is also very depressed. The depression and pain lead to non-compliance and I am very concerned. The nephrologist seems flippant about the pain and will not treat the depression. She suggested he see his PCP. He is on medicaid and medicare and has no income. Going to more doctors is the last thing he wants to do because he is afraid he will have to pay a copay that he cannot afford. I’m wondering if this is fairly standard practice or if he should seek out another nephrologist who is willing to treat him as a whole person and who will address the stomach issues and the depression (he was not depressed before kidney failure) since they are directly related to his renal disease. Thank you.

The management of End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) is variable around the country. Each physician decides what they are comfortable with in management. In some cases, management of psychiatric issues such as depression is best managed by physicians who commonly … Continue reading

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My dad has had an infection for a month and the doctor has been unable to diagnose where it is. It is suspected to be pyelonephritis initially and given antibiotics then suspected prostatitis and done TURP. Still urine has number of pus cells, creatinine is 4 now. It’s started on raising even though he is on antibiotics every 5 days. He will have temperature. He is a diabetic, hypertensive, had CABG 18 yrs back, with moderate liver cirrhosis. How can we identify where the exact infection is? HGB is 8 and had transfusion of blood last week before TURP. Any suggestions how to deal or prevent kidney failure?

Your father is very ill and appears to have a number of medical problems complicated by his kidney failure. I am unable to suggest treatment without performing a complete history and physical examination. I can only suggest that your father … Continue reading

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I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I am sending this on behalf of my colleague who has suffered kidney failure. He is below 30 and on dialysis for last two years. He is unable to arrange kidney from close relatives. Kindly suggest some solution.

Once kidneys have failed, then the only options are dialysis or transplantation. If transplantation is not available, then dialysis is the only other option. I am not sure that cadaver donors are available in Pakistan, hence, if there are no … Continue reading

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Hello sir, My dad is suffering from kidney disease. We came to know about it by the KFT Test, and in the result Urea-144 Creatinine-13 Sodium-129. Then our doctor advised to do dialysis and we did it 5 times. Now Urea is 75 and creatinine is 5.2. So I would like to ask you, what should we do to bring these levels to normal range? And what treatment should we take?

Your father appears to have very advanced kidney disease. I am unable to make any other specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. It may be necessary for your father to be permanently on dialysis or seek a … Continue reading

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Are fractional excretion tests for Phosphorus, Uric Acid, Sodium, Potassium, and bicarbonate done for people who are not in suspicion of having kidney failure?

The fractional excretion tests of phosphorus, uric acid, sodium, potassium and bicarbonate are done to test the tubular functions of the kidney. This is most commonly done to diagnose a problem known as renal tubular acidosis. They can be seen … Continue reading

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