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I have a horseshoe kidney with chronic stones. What is a good medicine to take for pain?

I am unable to recommend medical treatment without performing a complete history and physical examination. Pain from chronic stones in the kidney are best treated by consulting with a urologist and see if there is some way to remove or … Continue reading

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Hi Dr? Is lemon juice along with olive oil helpful to get rid off kidney stones? Is this remedy advised professionally? Daily use of purified water which contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, and related minerals. Would it calcify the kidney stone? or in reverse it’s helpful? What would you suggest the amount of this mineral should be in 2 ml of water? Final question, what kind of home remedies do you advice to prevent and remove kidney stones? Thank you.

In some patients who a calcium stone formers, studies have suggested that drinking lemon juice may reduce the tendency to form calcium stones. I know of no information about the use of olive oil in preventing kidney stones. The DASH … Continue reading

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I have been dealing with autonomic failure (diagnosed as Multiple System Atrophy) for 10 years. When the symptoms kicked in, I suddenly developed Celiac symptoms along with numerous other symptoms. In 2015, I began to produce kidney stones by the dozens and hundreds on a daily basis. Large stones were removed with a laser procedure, and I am now facing the possibility that some stones are too large for even that and will require surgical removal. Over the last several years, my Creatinine level has been creeping up, currently to 1.55. My GFR has been dropping from in the sixties to a present reading of 44 to 46. I am worried about the continue high output of kidney stones and their impact on my kidney function. My doctors seem to be stumped by the output. I am on a strict diet to limit kidney stones, along with a strict gluten free diet, and reduced sugars diet – I am type II diabetic. Due to the autonomic issues, my blood pressure swings widely multiple times every day – without medication it goes between 280/140 and 50/40. I am on maximum doses of propranolol and imdur with some hydralazine thrown in for good measure. With those medications, my swings run between 180/105 and 60/45. I do have the genetic marker for Celiac disease, but it’s onset seems to be directly related to the autonomic issues. Are there any treatments for kidney stones or preventive measures that could help me preserve kidney function? Lately, days when I have a higher output of stones also involve the presence of blood in my urine. My most recent urinalysis showed a WBC of 0, an RBC of >100, Cloudy Urine, a Protein Albumin reading of 30 and a note next to Blood in Urine simply saying “Large”. I am constantly itchy in various places all over my body and I have chronic pitting edema that is worse in my left leg. I have a nephrologist, but she seems stumped by the kidney stone issue.

I am not able to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. The information that you present suggests that you have multiple complex illnesses and I am unable to connect them to your kidney stone disease … Continue reading

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I am a 61 year old male with an ileostomy since age 18. I am generally in good health except for chronic kidney stones (4 lithotripsies for ca oxalate stones). I am not diabetic and take Atenolol, Simvastatin and Ranitidine. Also potassium citrate/citric acid for stone prevention. My Scr has jumped from 1.0 to 1.4 in the last couple of years. BUN has been normal or slightly high (22), anion gap and all other electrolytes normal. I am alarmed by this but my PCP and Urologist don’t seem that concerned. Would a 24 hour urine give a more accurate GFR? Should I see a nephrologist?

It is hard to estimate kidney function on the basis of a single serum creatinine. It may be necessary to retest your kidney function with a second test.  In some cases, patients with prior bowel surgery can develop recurrent kidney … Continue reading

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I’ve been experiencing a weird pain in my back/left side for a few days now. Its not debilitating but constant and sometimes gets worse for no apparent reason. It feels like its beyond a muscle pain if that makes sense. Not sure if this is something I should let go for a while or see a doctor. Weird thing is, about 2 weeks ago I had an off the wall dream that my mother told me I had been diagnosed with acute renal failure, coincidence or brain sending messages to me through dreams?

Pain is not a common presentation for kidney disease unless you have infection, a kidney stone, or blockage of the kidney. It is unlikely that this represents significant kidney disease. I suggest that you consult with your primary care physician … Continue reading

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Hi Doctor. I have one functioning kidney at 12% and the other at 100%. I have had kidney stones in the past and wonder if the one I have now could actually be on the side where my kidney is only functioning at 12% because that is where I feel the pain. Is that possible?

Yes, kidney stones may occur in poorly functioning kidneys.

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Is it safe to drink lemon water in the mornings? I have read about the benefits and I like the idea of it but I am eight months post-transplant. I was thinking eight oz of water to a tablespoon of lemon. Will that pose any issues to my transplanted kidney? Thank you.

I have often recommended lemon juice for patients with kidney stone disease and do not think this would affect your kidney transplant. I do not think it would pose a problem for any of your transplant medications, but I do … Continue reading

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My father who is 74yrs old, has a kidney stone that won’t pass. He is on blood thinners for a previous CVA 3 yrs ago and also has a small aneurysm. They want him to go off his blood thinners for the surgery. Last night they took him off the blood thinners and he had a TIA. So is there anything that can be done without going off them. Is it time too look for a second opinion? Thank you.

You ask a very complex question. Blood thinners are a very difficult treatment to manage and the decision to go off of blood thinners requires a consideration of the risk versus the benefit. The problem with the kidney stone is … Continue reading

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Sir, my mother is a stage 3 ckd patient. DM for 21years, age 51, hypertensive, average bp 130/80 mmHg. We measured creatinine level 1.69 last December. Then 3 days ago she suddenly developed ureteric stone which passed spontaneously with hematuria. Before 1 hr of passing stone, her creatinine was 2.2 and after 24 hrs of passing stone, her creatinine was 2.9. Sir, can creatinine rise suddenly due to obstructive uropathy? Can’t it be normal?

The serum creatinine does rise in response to obstruction and the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) will fall in response to obstruction of the kidney with a kidney stone. Follow up testing will be necessary in order to determine if … Continue reading

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I am trying to pass kidney stones for about 4 days now with moderate success. It feels like there could be one or two more to come. I’m taking Percocet (only three doses) and am constipated. Can I take a laxative to free up the bowel blockage or is it better to do prunes or other high fiber solution?

The pain medication that you are taking is likely contributing to your constipation. I suggest that you drink plenty of water and use a laxative. A laxative such as polyethylene glycol with electrolytes can be very effective and safe to … Continue reading

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