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Hello doctor. How are you doing? Well I have a doubt regarding my recent ultrasound report. The concerned pathologist said that I have 4 to 5 small kidney stones of the size of approx. 2.8-3mm. I searched Google about the home remedies to cure kidney stones and I came to know about the daily consumption of apple cider vinegar. Can you kindly tell me whether I should start taking apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach every morning just by reading about it on Google? Like is it advisable by doctors as well? Thanks in advance.

The best diet to prevent kidney stones is the DASH diet. I also suggest a low salt diet. You can review the DASH diet at: Apple cider vinegar has been advocated by some to prevent kidney stones by changing … Continue reading

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My father is a CKD patient; CKD stage 4, eGFR 23ml/min. Now he has been suffering from Shingles (Herpes zoster) since last five days. Can he take acyclovir (Acivir 400 DT)? The prescribed dose is Acivir 400 DT 4 times a day.

I cannot recommend doses of acyclovir without performing a complete history and physical examination. The typical dose of acyclovir recommended for treating shingles (herpes zoster) is Acyclovir 800 milligrams five times daily for seven days. The dose of acyclovir must … Continue reading

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I’m trying to build muscles and I’ve read that in order to do that, I need to ingest 1g to 1.5g per pound of my lean body mass. That translates to about 150g to 200g of protein a day. Can my kidney (sonar shows very small kidney stones, but otherwise healthy) handle that amount of protein?

I do not recommend this type of diet. The typical Western diet is between 1.0 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (not pound) and for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), I recommend 0.8 to 1.2 grams … Continue reading

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My daughter in Oklahoma has got stones that her doctor said he’s never seen so hard and not calcium. He put a tube and screen in, then later ultrasound stone. Waited and saw her later. He said the stone had broken up, just pieces broke and passed. Now the stone has grown all over; screen and has spikes all over it. He’s going to do surgery soon. He’s not sure what it is. Can you help me?

The problem with kidney stones that you describe is a urological problem. I am a nephrologist and have no surgical expertise. There are other types of kidney stones that are not calcium. Once the stone is removed, the stones should … Continue reading

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Greetings. My question concerns my wife and trauma she received just over a year ago. On December 17, 2017, she and my son was involved in an automobile accident. A lady talking on cell phone made a U-turn and pulled directly into their path. My son’s foot was injured severely and my wife had tremendous upper chest and abdomen injuries due to seat belt. Both were taken by ambulance and treated at nearby hospital and released. Couple of months later, latter part of February, 2018, my wife began to become ill and was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and treated with antibiotics. After about a week and no improvement, I had to take her to emergency room as she was very sick. Ultra sound and X-rays revealed a kidney stone had blocked ureter and she had become septic. Emergency room doctor made decision to air lift her to a hospital in different state that was better equipped to handle her condition. She spent about 10 days in intensive care. Dismissed from hospital and had to return and was readmitted due to complications from sepsis. This was in early March, 2018. Now, one year later, she is beginning to get back to normal with just a few minor lingering complications, she lost her hair due to stress on her body, it is now growing back, she has a terrible cough due to intubation. Her health insurance has been wonderful with the exception of the air flight. Her insurance says the flight was an out of network provider and we are looking at a bill in the 10’s of thousands of dollars, they started with a $39,000.00 bill for a less than one hour flight. Her health insurance paid $4300.00 on the flight, we are responsible for balance. Now to my question, would and could it be possible for the damage to the kidney and subsequent kidney stone and sepsis be related to the injury from the accident just about two and one half months earlier? Our automobile insurance will pay for the air flight if her condition was or could be related to the automobile accident from December 17, 2017? Thank you so very much in taking time to review my question and concern. Sincerely.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis without performing a complete history and physical examination. It would be best for her primary care physician (PCP) or a physician who cared for her during her illness to render an opinion. … Continue reading

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Is there any connection between vaping and kidney stones?

I have not heard of any association of vaping with kidney stones. There are substances that can be inhaled, such as toluene, that can cause kidney damage and could be associated with kidney stones. The use of traditional vaping with … Continue reading

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Hi! My mother is undergoing dialysis since last year, however instead of getting better after the dialysis, she’s more often got exhausted. Her current ultrasound has a remark of nephrolithiasis right – small stone measuring 4.19mm and mild hydronephrosis grade 2 left. These are medical terms which I want to understand more. Can you please simplify and explain her condition in English or common languages that we could easily understand? Further, is dialysis only remedy for her or other means of medication will do? Your reply would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

The ultrasound report that you mention suggests that there is a kidney stone in your mother’s right kidney that measures 4.19 millimeters in diameter. There is also changes in the left kidney that suggest a mild obstruction. This does not … Continue reading

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What significance does right kidney pelviectasis found on sonogram have for an adult? Would this cause pain?

The sonogram (ultrasound) interpretation means that there is some space in the substance of the kidney (pelviectasis) that is usually not seen. There are many causes including blockage, stone disease, and in some cases this may be a normal variant … Continue reading

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Hello. For the past two weeks I’ve been having moderate to severe pain in my back on the left side only below my ribs. The first time this pain appeared was on a Saturday and lasted for 4 to 5 hours. The pain was very intense to the point where I was in tears but I was unable to leave work to go to an ER and the pain had decreased to a moderate pain by the time I left work. The next day the pain intensified again lasting 3 hours before going to the ER. While in the ER the doctor had not taken any imagining only a urine sample, blood draws and provided Torodol via IV. After the UA was complete I was told it appears to be a UTI; was giving a prescription for antibiotics and sent home. I followed up two days later with a family care PCP [not my primary as she is not available right now] who did not do a physical exam and said he did not believe my issue to be a UTI. That doctor did x-ray imaging of my back to rule out any skeletal issues. The x-ray came back to show only minor degenerative disc disease. Another blood draw and UA was done at the appointment. A few days later the doctor called and informed me that my creatinine levels had risen and would like to follow up a week from the previous appointment. At that follow up he expressed concern about kidney function but brushed it off due to my age. My mother-in-law is a RN and has also expressed concern for my kidneys. To date no imaging of my kidneys have been done. Also, the day before my follow up the intense pain had returned but was not only in my back/flank but in my upper abdomen. It felt like a tearing pain under both ribs and there was a throbbing under my ribs in the center of my upper abdomen, you could both feel and see the physical throbbing. This pain again was sudden but was also episodic, coming in waves, lasting between 2 and 10 minutes at a time for 3 hours. I did not go to ER at that time due to having an appointment the next day. Though I admit now I should have gone as the pain was also in my chest and it was difficult to breath during the points of intense pain. I am 31 years old, transgender (FTM), with high blood pressure; I’ve been on BP medication for less than 1 year even though my blood pressure has been elevated for years, and overweight (5’1, 220lbs). In this time three blood draws have been done in order or draw my creatinine has been 1.36, 1.39 and 1.26; BUN has been 10, 10, 11 making BUN/Creatinine Ratio 7.4, 7.2, 8.7. My question is, if this is anything to have concern over and to seek out a nephrologist’s assistance. I have not been confident in the doctor’s actions the two times I have seen him but do not know what to do next. Thank you for any guidance you are able to provide.

I am not able to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. I also think you need further testing that might include a helical computerized axial tomogram (CAT) scan and looking for kidney stones. An ultrasound … Continue reading

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Hi sir! My problem is about kidneys. My body, back side on kidney area, left side, small swelling is here. But no pain. One matter, before kidney stone occurred and passing by urine. My question, is this type of swelling a problem, sir?

I am unable to provide a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. I would need to perform a complete history and physical examination. I suggest that you see your physician and have an examination of this area … Continue reading

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