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Hello. My question is, how do I begin the process of becoming a living kidney donor through NKF? I went to the website but it was confusing.

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) does not officially have any role in registering or evaluating individuals as a living kidney donor. Each individual transplant center determines who can and who cannot be a donor to their program. Hence, you would … Continue reading

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Dear Sir, Can O+ (positive) donate kidney to O- (negative)?

Yes, a blood type O positive can donate a kidney to a blood type O negative individual. The Rh (Rhesus) status on the red blood cell, which is the positive or negative aspect of blood typing, is not important in … Continue reading

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My brother was diagnosed with stage 5 renal failure with about 3-5% function left. My brother received a kidney transplant 25 years ago from our other brother and only has 1 kidney. The hospital is saying that he cannot receive dialysis until he gets insurance but does not qualify for Medicare until he is sicker or he gets an outpatient consultation- which the hospital canceled because he doesn’t have insurance. My brothers creatinine levels keep rising but the hospital says his potassium levels is what needs to be watched. My sister and I both want to get tested to donate but they said they can’t test us until he is assessed by the transplant team which also won’t help until he has insurance. I do not want my brother to get so sick he can’t handle a transplant but I feel he is being held back from treatment. Is there any other steps we can take? I feel like we are just watching and waiting for him to get too severe.

Your brother should consult with a nephrologist. If your brother has only 3-5% kidney function remaining, he should be eligible for social security disability insurance (SSI) and this would also make him eligible for Medicaid and possibly Medicare. It is … Continue reading

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Dear Doctor, I’ve been having CKD for almost 4 months now. It’s now in Stage 4, GFR around 19% (creatinine around +-3, urea around 50 to 100) I’m female and 26 years old. Indonesian. I feel like my body is getting weaker and weaker, and I can’t work normally. My albumin, Hgb and other number/parameter are also abnormal. What I don’t understand, my doctor refuses to talk about future possibility of kidney transplant. He keeps suggesting to me to just focus on the medicine, so that dialysis won’t start any time soon. In other hand, I wish I can do transplant as soon as possible even before I start dialysis (possible donor would be from my brother/sister). Please, kindly inform us, when is the right time to do kidney transplant? In my case, is it not the time yet? Should I wait until my CKD reaches stage 5? Thank you so much for your response.

I would agree with your thoughts on this issue. I agree that you and your nephrologist should make a plan and if your brother or sister can be evaluated as a possible donors, then the transplant can be planned in … Continue reading

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My son has just found out that he has had only one functioning kidney since he was about three years old. I worry that the kidney may fail and I want to be sure that I am a able to donate one of my kidneys if this happens, so I want to know if I can get a test done now to see if I am a match to save time if the need arises that he needs a transplant in the future. Is this possible?

There is no single test that you could do at the present time to see if you could be a donor for your son. You could do a blood group typing test to see if your blood groups match but … Continue reading

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My daughter (54) just started dialysis. She is diabetic Type 1 since the age of 7. I am 74 and very healthy, only take Alendronate and Levothyroxine, exercise every day and am not overweight. I live in Florida and she lives in Ontario Canada. Should I get tested for compatibility to donate to her?

If your daughter is currently on the transplant list, then you can ask to be tested as a donor. It is necessary that she be evaluated first and deemed to be an acceptable recipient. Once she is on the list, … Continue reading

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I donated a kidney 16 years ago. I need to go on osteoporosis medication. I take Timolol maleate ophthalmic for glaucoma and Ranitidine for acid reflux. Is there a safe medication for me? My doctor recommended a twice a year shot but it had a warning about kidney disease..Is there a risk for me? My one kidney is healthy.

Most osteoporosis medications can be used as long as your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is greater than 30 milliliters per minute per 1.73 meters squared.  I am not able to recommend medical therapy without performing a complete history and … Continue reading

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I’m considering donating my kidney to a close friend. I know our blood types match, but haven’t done the other tests yet to determine if I can. My slight reluctance in proceeding with those tests, to be perfectly honest, is a question on the paperwork necessary to start the process. The question simply asks about “current medications”. Well, I currently take 30mg/day of Adderall for ADHD (and have for only the last 2 years). I am very concerned that if I just state that, I might find myself instantly disqualified from donating. I do have a legal prescription, but still I’m afraid that a hard and fast policy might prevent me from donating when it would actually be totally safe. I’m absolutely willing to stop using Adderall and maybe switch to something else or nothing if it’s necessary to save his life. I recognize of course that I shouldn’t withhold information on a medical form, but I’m wondering if maybe I shouldn’t quit Adderall for say a couple months and then answer truthfully that it’s not a current medication. I’m sure my friend is anxious to learn if I’m a suitable donor, but for now I’m stalling the process without knowing if I really need to. Can you help?

It is most important, your safety and the safety of the person who is to receive your kidney that you be perfectly honest with them and discuss your use of Adderall.  There are no nationwide criteria for determining who is … Continue reading

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Is there an age restriction between donor and possible recipient? Thinking about donating but 20 year age gap of family friend. She is 23 and I am 48, healthy, no meds.

Most transplant programs do not have an age limitation regarding the differential in age between the recipient and the donor. In some cases, young females need to be aware that donating a kidney can have a very small risk of … Continue reading

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I donated a kidney in 2001. My wound became infected and was open for several months. Since then my health has steadily declined. Biggest issue is energy. I seem to need to rest a lot and can only work a few days per week and never for 8 hours. My blood work all comes back Normal. Can you suggest an avenue I can follow to get better?

I cannot make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. In some instances, an illness such as this produces de-conditioning. This means that your strength and stamina have been depleted because of illness and lack of activity. … Continue reading

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